Behind the Button: Anders Nilsen

Button-O-MaticLong time Busy Beaver friend, Anders Nilsen, took time out of his busy Big Questions Book Tour Slide Show and Reading schedule to design this poignant, black and white superhero button and answer a few questions. Chicago folks, be sure to check out the hometown leg of the tour August 30, 7pm at Lula Cafe. Busy Beaver will be there!

Superpower of choice? Devour worlds

Favorite Batman actor (film or tv)? Charlie Sheen

Lois Lane or Lana Lang? Bat Girl

Favorite super villain? Galactus

Favorite superhero flick? The Elephant Man

What was the inspiration for your Superhero! button design? Marvel Secret Wars #13.

Any cool projects in the works right now? Big Question. Twelve years in the making— book release tonight at Lula.

What button are you wearing right now? Only a zipper.

Check back  Thursday for more interviews with the Superhero! artists.

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