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Superhero! Button-O-Matic SeriesWhether you’re team pie or team cake, Jessie Oleson of has you covered. The self proclaimed “Dessert Detective Agency” serves up daily blog posts about bakeries, recipes, food artists, and products for lovers of all things sweet. And with a new book coming out and a storefront in Seattle, Oleson is busy as a beaver bringing a little sweetness to the doldrums of everyday life— good thing she’s powered by super cupcakes!

What superpower would you want? The ability to fly!

Favorite Batman actor (film or tv)? Adam West.

Lois Lane or Lana Lang? Lois Lane!

Favorite super villain? Claw from Inspector Gadget.

Favorite superhero flick? Cliché, but I really liked Dark Knight.

What was the inspiration for your Superhero! button design? Um, duh: the superpowers that we can all reasonably attain from cupcake consumption, naturally.

Any cool projects in the works right now? Ooh, I am super excited about the sock design I did for Sock It To Me! which will be released later this summer. It features cupcakes, unicorns, and robots!

What button are you wearing right now? One by JustJenn Designs that says “Font Whore”.

Check back next Tuesday for more on the Superhero! Button-O-Matic series!

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