JCPenney To Give Away 80 Million Buttons

As part of their Black Friday promotion, starting today JCPenney will be giving away 80 million free pin-back buttons. 80 million! Now that’s what I’d call spreading the button love.

JCPenney ButtonsAnd not only will shoppers get a fun holiday button to wear, they’ll also have a chance to win prizes. Each button will have a 7-digit code on the back which shoppers can enter on the JCPenney website to see if they win prizes like a trip to NYC, small appliances or jewelry.

Cute buttons and a chance to win a blender— I love it!

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    Sharon Ombler-Spain
    November 23, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    What a fabulous idea. Such amazing creativity on every pin designed should be posted for posterity. Pondering on the problem why I’d love a set of the pins but alas feel i will be disappointed.I live in the UK so am far away from JCPennys. What I need is an network of pin poppers to put the pins in a post bag and pop them in the mail so people across the pond can postulate on the possibility that they have picked a winning pin and celebrate by popping a cork.

    Pin popping people are precious, principled, poppets oh and lots of FUN !!!

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