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Busy Beaver Is a Lean, Green Button Making Machine


Busy Beaver Button Co. produces the classic pin-back button in a clean, environmentally friendly way. Not only are our button parts made of recycled steel from Gary, IN, but nearly all of Busy Beaver’s suppliers are located within 100 miles of the factory, reducing our carbon pawprint, while our buttons are printed on paper made with a combination of recycled and sustainable reforestation.

Located in a vintage 1920's Chicago storefront, “The Beaver Dam” was rehabbed and modernized in 2009 with geothermal heating/cooling, eco-friendly insulation, insulated glass, rubber flooring made from recycled tires and reclaimed building materials. In 2012 we install solar panels on our roof, harnessing natural resources to create your buttons; your buttons are made to order by the power of the sun!