Design Inspiration

We’ve compiled cool designs, how-to guides, and expert tips & tricks to help you design the very best buttons.

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Button History

From cheeky flapper buttons to historical campaign buttons, read on to learn more about button history.

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Jul 27th 2023

The History of Pens
Pens and the written language have been an incredibly important instrument in the way stories and messages have traveled and been preserved over centuries. Without these institutions and mediums, w … read more
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Dec 8th 2022

How To Make Buttons
It’s the question we get the most- How Do I Make Buttons? The short answer is that Busy Beaver can do it for you! Whether you are wondering how to make buttons with pictures on them or create butto … read more
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Jun 28th 2022

How To Style Buttons
Buttons are just another accessory. Like earrings, a scarf, or a hat, they all add something to one’s outfit. They’re the ultimate way to show off your interests and spread a message. Buttons can a … read more
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Mar 15th 2017

Art of the Pin Game
How pins and patches have taken over popular culture During your next trip to the coffee shop, take a look around. Chances are more than half the folks sipping lattes will be wearing a  … read more
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