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Partner with a woman-owned business that manufactures your custom merchandise in an eco-friendly, green facility.

Buttons and stickers are essential merch items— they’re affordable, versatile and portable— and Busy Beaver guarantees to deliver high quality and unique products when you need them.

One of the many things that set us apart from other manufacturers is our unique special finishes and custom packaging. Your custom printed merchandise can glow-in-the-dark, sparkle, shine with 24k gold, and so much more!

Retail Custom Merchandise

Top Brands Turn to Us for Custom Merch

Blank Rifle Paper Co. Lil Bub Catbird Wildflower Pusheen Smarty Pants Paper Co. Field Notes Blank

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Custom Merchandise 101: How Much Should I Charge?

Knowing how to price your goods is important. A good pricing strategy is the difference between barely breaking even and making a profit. There are so many variables to keep in mind when setting the prices for your buttons, stickers, pins, or other products. Here are a few tips to consider when pricing your custom merch for retail.

Calculate Costs & Profits
Find the total cost of your goods, making sure to factor in material, production, and labor costs. Now decide on your profit margin. A standard profit margin is 50%, meaning you double your costs to determine the price.

Price Comparison

Examine Market Trends
Check out other businesses with similar products to see what they’re charging. Make sure the prices you set are within 10%, plus or minus, of what your competitors are charging.

Price Points

Create Different Price Points
When setting the prices for your branded merchandise, make sure you have items at multiple different price points. That way your products will fit into everyone’s budget!

Donation Buttons

Skip the Change
You don’t want to carry around rolls of quarters because your buttons are marked at $.50! Round up your items to a full dollar amount so you won’t need to dish out a bunch of change when sold.


Gentle Thrills

Started From A Button Now We're Here

Isa Beniston of Gentle Thrills says buttons have always been a staple of her brand. “Early on, when I started doing craft shows, I would look at which products grossed the most money,” Isa said. “Buttons were always at the top of the list in spite of (or maybe because of) the fact that they're only $1 or $2!”

Isa suspects buttons are popular because they are fun and affordable. “I think it has something to do with their magical combination of affordability (they cost less than parking!) and the fact that they're a souvenir of wherever it is you're buying them from,” she says. Learn More>


Pro Tips: 4 Brands Who Create and Sell Merch

How do you get your brand noticed in a field of colorful and unique products? We reached out to our button friends to hear how they incorporate buttons, magnets, and mirrors into their brand to attract attention and get buyers.
Smarty Pants Merchandise

Smarty Pants Paper Co.

With bright colors and a vintage style, Kate of Smarty Pants Paper Co. has created a line of hand-printed greeting cards, pins, prints, coasters, and so much more. Kate's brand features a lot of retro-inspired designs, which she says is complimented perfectly by having mirrors in her product line. "I always had a pocket mirror and I loved them" Kate says, "I try to incorporate things I was obsessed with when I was younger in a way that is relevant today."
Read more about Smarty Pants Paper Co >
Smartass & Sass

Smartass & Sass

Smartass & Sass, the sassy subscription box service created by Abby and Kim, love to incorporate stickers into their boxes! "Not only are stickers and buttons used as products in our subscription boxes, but we find that they are generally uplifting baubles everyone loves—no matter what age. Personally, we love to put funny stickers all over our water bottles and laptops. For the business, we have used branded stickers as part of some specialty one-off box packaging."
Read more about Smart Ass & Sass >
Bash Party Goods Buttons

Bash Party Goods

Angela Wator of Bash Party Goods really knows how to make every day a party. Her line of custom party goods, tableware, buttons, pins, and decor are pattern and print heavy with quirky designs. This style is reflected in her buttons. For major events, Angela create a variety of her favorite prints to giveaway. Since Bash's pin backs are sold in packs, the free buttons were a great way to draw attention to the packaged ones.
Anne and Kate Merchandise

Anne and Kate

Anne and Kate, two best friends who share a passion for screen-printed stationery and bold designs, founded anne and kate in 2015. Their pocket mirrors "all have messages of positivity which are in line with the colorful correspondence we're known for," says Kate Jensen. "The sentiments are always upbeat and supportive. These mirrors are a fun reminder to yourself that you're still a hot ageless beauty who looks out of this world."

Take inspiration from these fine brands and make your own retail-ready button, magnet, or mirror packs.


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