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Coming up with creative ways to engage supporters can mean the difference between a ho hum and highly successful fundraiser. But if you partner with Busy Beaver, we’ll help you achieve your fundraising goals. With your own custom non profit products, you can change the world one unique button at a time! 

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Give A Shirt Stickers

Top Organizations Turn to Us for Nonprofit Swag

Blank NRDC Teach for America ACLU Planned Parenthood PETA No Kid Hungry Girls Rock Campaign Boston Blank

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Custom Buttons

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Custom Packaging

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Custom Stickers



Planned Parenthood Stickers

Planned Parenthood: Merch with a Message

Planned Parenthood is using stickers to help educate and dispel misconceptions of their organization. Planned Parenthood pins are given out at events, conferences, and pride parades to help encourage, inspire, and educate.

Planned Parenthood use custom stickers and other promotional products for nonprofit organizations to start conversations and make an impact. And now, more and more Planned Parenthood chapters all across the country are utilizing the power of the pinback. Buttons and stickers, though small, are a powerful way to reach out to future supporters and donors. Learn More>


How To: Promotional Products for Nonprofits

Build Community with Buttons

Promote Your Cause
Buttons and other promotional products are amazing social tools that help start conversations. Designing a button with your organization’s slogan can be a very effective way to spread awareness.


Support Your Candidate
Pinback buttons have a long history in political campaigns; they can be understated in appearance, but impactful in action. Buttons can be used to show support for the candidate your organization backs or to express the thoughts and perceptions of supporters.

Thank You Buttons

Volunteer Recognition
It’s important to show appreciation to supporters and stickers are an excellent way to honor the folks who are showing their love and giving their time. Use stickers as cost effective volunteer recognition gifts and say thank you.

Giveaway Buttons

Event Giveaways
Buttons and Stickers are a great take-away for attendees of events and fundraisers. Making specific colors for the roles of folks working with the events, like press or volunteer, can help the logistics of the day run more smoothly.

Button Making Event

Button Making: Interactive Activity for Events

Busy Beaver Button Company also offers a butteenering service for local, Chicago-based events. For buttoneering, we would have one or two of our employees come out to your fundraising event with a couple of our hand crank machines and station up at a table to help your guests make their own buttons right on the spot. Buttoneering is a really fun, interactive activity to engage your guests while creating and sharing promotional products for nonprofit organizations. There is also the option of purchasing the necessary button parts and renting one of our hand crank machines if your team would rather press the pinbacks for your guests yourselves! We can work with you to figure out the best, most cost effective option that works out for your event.

The hand pressed buttons at button making tables can have your design or logo on them. Your patrons can have the opportunity to color around, add detail and their own personal touch to your design before it gets pressed. Everyone loves to see how a button is made but it’s even cool when you get to walk away with your own one of a kind souvenir, too! Get a Quote >



Flat Packs

Flat Packs

Flat Packs are the perfect solution to packaging single buttons but they can be designed to hold multiple buttons as well.

The back of a flat pack is a great spot to include additional information, text, or resources.

Our team put together these examples using National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. If you or someone you know is in crisis please call 1-800-273-TALK


Saving the World One Button at a Time

Your organization is working hard to make the world a better place, but how do you increase public awareness about your particular cause? One of the best ways to spread your message is by giving out pinback buttons and stickers. Small but mighty, buttons are great for sharing your values to future supporters and make excellent volunteer recognition awards. Check out how some of the nation's top trailblazers are using buttons to deliver the message of their cause.
NRDC buttons


When it comes to a message as important as saving our world’s natural resources, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) trusts buttons to get the job done. By using pins and other inexpensive non profit giveaways, the NRDC is able to easily draw awareness to their cause.

The NRDC uses buttons as fun giveaways when tabling at events. At Bonnaroo, the NRDC’s focused message was to help urge participants that “Climate Change is not a Hoax.” Free buttons with the same call-to-action were given to guests who stopped by the table.

As Elizabeth Corr, Manager of the Arts Partnership & Events, puts it, “the NRDC logo buttons are often used as tokens [so] our supporters can wear to show to NRDC pride and their support for climate action. We use our buttons to help raise awareness of NRDC’s work across the country.”

Learn more >
Everytown for Gun Safety Buttons

Everytown for Gun Safety

Gun violence is one of the most polarizing issues in America right now, but it’s also one of the most ubiquitous. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, "everyday 93 Americans are killed with guns, and hundreds more are injured”. With that kind of magnitude, gun safety and gun violence prevention are issues important to every community in the US.

Every year Busy Beaver collaborates with an individual or organization to curate a 1-inch button artist series. In 2017, we paired up with Everytown for Gun Safety, who have enlisted the help of 11 creators to make artwork promoting the urgency of gun safety in our country. The buttons were sold online and dispensed via button vending machines as a way to raise awareness.

Learn more >

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