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Saving the World One Button at a Time

Your organization is working hard to make the world a better place, but how do you increase public awareness about your particular cause? One of the best ways to spread your message is by giving out pinback buttons. Small but mighty, buttons are great for sharing your values to future supporters.

Pins are an easy and inexpensive piece of advertising and are being used by activists of all kinds in their best awareness campaigns. Check out how some of the nation's top trailblazers are using buttons to deliver the message of their cause.


When it comes to a message as important as saving our world’s natural resources, the NRDC, or Natural Resources Defense Council, trusts buttons to get the job done. By using pins and other inexpensive non profit giveaways, the NRDC is able to easily draw awareness to their cause.

The NRDC uses buttons as fun giveaways when tabling at events. At last year’s Bonnaroo, the NRDC’s focused message was to help urge participants that “Climate Change is not a Hoax.” Free buttons with the same call-to-action were given to guests who stopped by the table.

As Elizabeth Corr, Manager of the Arts Partnership & Events, puts it, “the NRDC logo buttons are often used as tokens [so] our supporters can wear to show to NRDC pride and their support for climate action. We use our buttons to help raise awareness of NRDC’s work across the country.”


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, is the biggest champion for animal rights in the world with over 6.5 million members and supporters. To create awareness of their mission, they use their buttons at events, in student programs, and even as nonprofit swag s on their free mobile app.

PETA created these anti-wool/leather/fur buttons for their PETA2 Campus Representative Program. The buttons will be used at campuses all across the country this fall to spread PETA's anti-animal cruelty message.

The "Free the Animal" buttons were also included in the swag bags that every attendee of the Animal Rights National Conference in Washington, D.C. national gathering of the leading animal protection advocates.

One of PETA's social awareness campaigns uses their free app geared for PETA's younger audience to help take action to help the animals. The more actions you make, you can earn points and redeem them to get free tees, wristbands, phone cases, and also the “Let Them Be Free” buttons that are up on the freebie section of peta2!

Planned Parenthood

In response to the increased scrutiny against their organization after the most recent election cycle, Planned Parenthood is using buttons to help educate and dispel misconceptions of their organization. Planned Parenthood pins are given out at events, conferences, and pride parades to help encourage, inspire, and educate.

Both Planned Parenthood Illinois and Planned Parenthood Wisconsin use buttons to start conversations and make an impact, and now more and more Planned Parenthood chapters all across the country are utilizing the power of the pinback.

Next time you and your team are brainstorming ways to get your message out easily and inexpensively for your next awareness campaign, remember that buttons, though small, are a powerful way to reach out to future supporters and donors.

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Grassroots Organizations: 5 Ways To Button Up

Buttons can be an amazing and unique medium for political messages of support or opposition and have been used to document many facets of history. Political movements or organizations have utilized buttons to promote their ideas, form community, and support each other. Here are a few ways we can share our motivations and find a voice through buttons!


Clinton buttons

civic buttons

1. Promote Your Cause

Buttons and other promotional products for nonprofits are amazing social tools that help to start a conversation. Designing a button with a slogan that gets right to the substance or goals of your organization can be a very effective way to find folks who feel strongly about the cause and who want to contribute to the efforts! Organizations like Our Music My Body use buttons to help spread their message.

2. Support Your Candidate or Party

Pin-back buttons have a long history in political campaigns and can be understated in appearance, but impactful in action. Buttons can be used to establish the platform and narrative of the candidate or to express the thoughts and perceptions of supporters. The Busy Beaver Button Museum is proud to house a myriad of historical campaign buttons and we are proud to support.

3. Volunteer Appreciation

Showing appreciation for supporters is an enormous part of campaigning and buttons are an excellent way to honor the folks who are showing their love. Color-coding the button designs based on the kind of contribution, whether that is money or time, is a great way to give recognition to those who share their resources and enthusiasm.

4. Events

Buttons for campaign events are a great take-away for attendees and an excellent way for supporters to find each other out in the world. Making specific colors for the roles of folks working with the campaign at events, like press or volunteer, can help the logistics of the day run more smoothly. And designing a set that supporters can collect may even become a small part of history!

5. Sharing Identities

Expressing political views or interests and making connections with others who share similar thoughts and ideas (or perhaps those who don't) is an important part of processing who we are and how we move through the world. Being able to connect through seeing a symbol on a button that you recognize or connect with, can be very powerful, raise awareness, promote engagement, and form new friendships or bonds that impact a movement or cause.

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