Museum Merchandise

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From membership rewards to exhibit giveaways, top museums turn to Busy Beaver for their merchandise.

If you’re looking for that perfect addition to your gift shop or a memorable hand out for guests at the opening of a new exhibit, look no further than buttons. Busy Beaver has a deep appreciation for museums, having had the privilege of working with many to create custom museum buttons for all sorts of occasions.

Custom Products

Adler Planetarium Buttons

Custom Buttons

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Art Institute Lapel Magnets

Custom Lapel Magnets

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Button-O-Matic Machine

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Dinosaur Button Packs

Custom Flat Packs

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Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Button Packs

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Rooster Teeth Button Pack

Custom Bag & Toppers

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Field Museum Membership Gifts

Sometimes your members just want to know that you appreciate them! That’s why The Field Museum dedicates an entire week to its faithful supporters. During that week, the museum offers a range of activities including daily raffles for museum merchandise, and of course — custom buttons! “We wanted to give [members] something fun to take home, so we designed these limited edition buttons showcasing just a few of the objects in our collections (there are over 30 million in total!),” says Jenna Lieblich, the Membership Manager of the Field Museum.

And members loved the custom museum pins! The limited edition buttons not only promoted the museum, they also display the benefits of becoming a member.

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