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From membership rewards to exhibit giveaways, top museums turn to Busy Beaver for their merchandise.

If you’re looking for that perfect addition to your gift shop or a memorable hand out for guests at the opening of a new exhibit, look no further than buttons. Busy Beaver has a deep appreciation for museums, having had the privilege of working with many to create custom museum buttons for all sorts of occasions.

Custom museum buttons are a staple for the museum going experience. They are sold in gift shops as souvenirs, passed out to visitors as giveaways to mark special occasions, and used as membership exclusive keepsakes. Sometimes, pinback buttons make their way into the art exhibit itself.

Custom Products

Adler Planetarium Buttons

Custom Buttons

Art Institute Lapel Magnets

Custom Lapel Magnets


Button-O-Matic Machine

Dinosaur Button Packs

Custom Flat Packs

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Button Packs

Custom Display Packs

Rooster Teeth Button Pack

Custom Bag & Toppers


Field Museum Membership Gifts

Sometimes your members just want to know that you appreciate them! That’s why The Field Museum dedicates an entire week to its faithful supporters. During that week, the museum offers a range of activities including daily raffles for museum merchandise, and of course — custom buttons! “We wanted to give [members] something fun to take home, so we designed these limited edition buttons showcasing just a few of the objects in our collections (there are over 30 million in total!),” says Jenna Lieblich, the Membership Manager of the Field Museum.

And members loved the custom museum pins! The limited edition buttons not only promoted the museum, they also display the benefits of becoming a member.

Make Your Own Custom Museum Buttons >

Shedd Aquarium baby dolphin buttons

It's A Boy! Shedd Aquarium Buttons Up

When the Shedd Aquarium welcomed the newest member of their dolphin family, a Pacific White-Sided Dolphin male calf, they decided to use custom buttons as part of the celebration. After six months of acclimating to his new home, it was time to give this calf a name. The team at the aquarium came up with two Hawaiian names—Makoa (meaning fearless) or Kolohe (meaning rascal)— but deciding between the two names was a task the Shedd Aquarium decided to leave up to the public.

Read more about Shedd's Custom Museum Pins >


Create Your Own Museum Merchandise


Chicago Museums Button Up!

Buttons are easy to carry, easy to display, and the unique ability to start conversation between two people.Imagine how delighted a person traveling abroad would be to find someone far from home has been to the same museum exhibit as you. They saw your bit on your backpack waiting in line for airport security and suddenly the chore of checking in turns into a friendly conversation. Pin back buttons bring people together in a way not all souvenirs can because we display them proudly.
MCA Buttons

Museum of Contemporary Art

Pronoun buttons can serve as a tool for LGBT allyship by helping guests and community members feel comfortable while normalizing the conversation around pronoun usage. The MCA of Chicago makes inclusive buttons to hand out to guests, visitors and members that become treasured keepsakes!Learn more >
Yollocalli Buttons


Pin buttons are the perfect custom museum merchandise because they are collectable and easily turned into precious keepsakes. Museum enthusiasts will want to mark every exhibit they experience by adding another addition to their collection of custom museum pins. When someone buys or receives a piece of museum merchandise, they are really receiving a tangible token commemorating a memory they enjoyed. Yollocalli fills their Button-O-Matic machine up with 1" Round Buttons for visitors to take home with them! Learn more >

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