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Which pinback button size works best for you? Our button size guide helps you decide.

How big will your button be in scale? Which do you choose, a 2.25” or a 3” Button? We’re the experts in all things button-related, so we’ve put together a handy guide to pin back button sizes so you can become an expert, too! And if you still have questions, you can always reach out to us for some extra guidance if you need help deciding on a button pin size. But first, a few frequently asked questions...

What is the standard button size?
The standard button size can vary depending on how you’re using them. A standard campaign button size is typically 2.25 inch round. Our large buttons— 3 inch round— are often used for photo buttons. Buttons sold by artists are often 1.5 inch round or 1.25 inch round. Bands usually go for the 1 inch button. Not sure what size to choose? The friendly button experts at Busy Beaver are always happy to help find the button pin size that’s right for you.

What is the most popular button size?
Historically, 2.25 inch round buttons are the most popular size, and are typically used for political campaigns and causes. Our most popular button size is 1 inch round, and we’re actually credited for re-popularizing 1 inch buttons in the 1990s. This size is particularly popular for band merchandise, designers, breweries and retailers. We also have various design services if you want help designing your button.
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What size button should I order?

Our easy guide to button sizes can help you decide!
We show our standard button sizes next to household items to help you visualize how your final product will look before you order

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FAQ: Pinback Button Sizes

button sizes - 1 inch button

How big is a 1 inch button?

A 1 inch round pin is the size of a quarter. This size is popular with bands and artists. And our 1 inch square button is about the size of a standard postage stamp.
button sizes - 1.25 inch button

How big is a 1.25 inch button?

The 1.25 inch button is our second smallest size. Slightly larger than a quarter, the 1.25 pin is small enough for day-to-day wear, about 50% more area than the 1 inch round.
button sizes - 2.25 inch button

How big is a 2.25 inch button?

A good way to visualize the size of a 2.25 inch round button is to think of the size of the top of a soda pop can. The 2.25 inch is known for being a standard size for election buttons, campaign buttons, and political buttons. It is also a great size for photo buttons.
button sizes - biggest button

What is your biggest button?

Busy Beaver makes buttons as big as 6 inch round! These giant buttons come with a stand built into the back that’s perfect for display, as well as a pin and a hole so you can hang it on the wall. Our next largest button size is our 3 inch round button, which is about the size of a baseball and easier to wear!
buttons sizes - campaign buttons

What size are campaign buttons?

The standard size for campaign or political buttons is 2.25 inch round but they can be any size you want them to be!
button sizes - band buttons

What size are band buttons?

Band buttons come in all shapes and sizes, but the 1 inch round button is a particularly popular size for music merch.