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Whether it's National Library Month or you are encouraging folks to sign up for membership, buttons, stickers, and enamel pins are an easy way to share a message to your local community... with a fun experience!

Custom buttons and stickers are cost-effective and high quality items that your supporters will love to wear and share. Our team of experts are friendly, helpful, and excited to be a part of your next project. Reach out to us today!

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Button Making For Library Workshops

Busy Beaver Button Company also offers a live button making service! The hand pressed buttons at button making tables can have your design or logo on them. Your donors can have the opportunity to color around, add detail and their own personal touch to your design before it gets pressed. Everyone loves to see how a button is made but it’s even cool when you get to walk away with your own one-of-a-kind souvenir, too! We also sell and rent button making supplies for those who rather lead their own demonstration.
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Library Program Ideas: Button Edition

Buttons, stickers, pins, and other shareable items can play a big part at public library events, workshops and fundraisers! See how libraries and reading programs have made a big impact with pin back buttons:
Summer Reading and Library Events

Summer Reading & Library Events

Public libraries started summer reading programs around the 1890s and ever since they have been a staple of the season. Beginning as a list of books and developing into exciting programs since, reading in the summertime is as synonymous as the smell of sunscreen on your skin. Librarians have cracked the code to promote literacy and continue learning even through the dog days of summer.
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Creative Library Ideas

How To Use Buttons For Libraries

Make organizing your library reading programs easy by using our tried and tested, pin back button tips. With budget-friendly options, easy ordering, and a product that'll appeal to both kids and teens, making custom buttons is a surefire way to become a summer reading hero.
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BOOK IT Buttons

BOOK IT Buttons

You know you're an 80s kid if you remember BOOK IT!, a National Reading Incentive Program created in 1984 by Pizza Hut. The objective of BOOK IT! is to encourage reading in schools across the nation by rewarding students with pizza for meeting reading goals. It's a popular edition at our Historic Button Museum that you can visit at our Chicago headquarters!
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Support Your Local Libraries!

Incorporating buttons, pins, and stickers into your programs is budget friendly with lots of impact! Let your visitors inspire new audiences with buttons that support libraries. Include special stickers or bookmarks to folks who visit during library lovers month! need more library fundraiser ideas? Our blog is full of inspiration!

Take inspiration from these examples and make your own public library merch.


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