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Since 1995 Busy Beaver has been creating custom products that help organizations connect with their communities and quickly spread important information.

Promotional products for the healthcare industry are essential for community level outreach. We Beavers have assisted in creating all sorts of medical promotional items, from pharmaceutical merch to veterinary giveaways.

Custom products that can quickly spread messages can play a big part in social marketing, share health information, promote clinics and initiatives, and even show appreciation to the people in the medical community. Ready to get your message out into the world? Let's get started!

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Buttons & Stickers As A Form Of Advocacy

Founded in 1987 at the height of the AIDS crisis, Legal Council for Health Justice uses the power of the law to secure dignity, opportunity, and well-being for people facing barriers due to illness or disability. Their commitment to achieving health justice for all extends beyond the confines of their office—they actively engage with the community, sharing about their free, legal services and helping connect community members to the assistance they need.

"The stickers and buttons from BusyBeaver work wonderfully to increase awareness, not only about our organization, but about the critical importance of accessible, affordable healthcare." says Emily, the Development Associate with Legal Council for Health Justice.


Spread A Message Instead Of Germs

Medical promotional items like buttons and stickers and more are a vital way to convey information. Check out how, through healthcare promotional products, important messages can be shared within a community:
Healthcare For All

Inclusivity in Healthcare

Buttons bring people together and representing the LGBTQ+ community in healthcare can save lives. One way to make your clinic or pharmacy more inclusive include buttons used as tools in allyship programs. This can look like offering pronoun buttons to staff and patients or using stickers that re-ensure the message that everyone is welcome in your space.

Send us your own designs or reach out to our team for help putting your ideas into motion for you! We have pronoun template, pride templates, and even the template featured above to help you get started.
Healthcare Appreciation Buttons

Show Appreciation

Let’s face it, healthcare workers have been working around the clock to take care of us since before we can remember. Even pre-2020, they’ve been there for us when we need them the most but especially after Covid-19 they’ve been at the frontlines day in and day out. In all honesty, if there’s a healthcare worker in your life it wouldn’t be a bad idea to text them a thank you whenever they cross your mind to let them know they are appreciated.

We put together templates for you to use to thank a doctor or nurse as well as a guide to days set aside specifically to do so!


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