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It can be tough to come up with creative and cost effective ways to engage alumni, build students communities and reward donors. That’s why buttons work so well— they’re inexpensive, exclusive and, let’s just admit it, just plain cool. Check out all of our options for college promotional products.
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The University of Michigan is one the nation’s most well-respected universities– and it works hard to uphold its reputation of excellence. With countless events occurring year round for students, parents, donors and alumni, Michigan’s marketing department needs to put a lot of “M’s” on a lot of college promotional products. That’s where Busy Beaver comes in.

With as many events as she has to plan, Assistant Director Michelle Austin doesn’t have time for micro-managing third parties. “We have a lot of different products and vendors we are working with to plan events, so it’s helpful to have a reliable vendor that we do not need to worry about,” she says. “Busy Beaver is simple, straightforward, and honest. If we place an order, I know we will receive it on time and it will be a quality product.”

“This past summer, we needed a rush order on some U-M Mom and U-M Dad buttons we had ordered the previous summer,” says Austin. “ It was unclear to me when/how quickly I needed to order and what the cost implications were.” Lucky for Austin, the Beavers were on it. “I just emailed the team and someone responded with all of the options clearly laid out for me, which I really appreciated.” With Busy Beaver, Austin managed her order university promotional items– and budget– to easily get her buttons in time for the event.

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9 Unique Ways to Use College Giveaways

Whether you’re appealing to alumni, incoming freshmen or current students, there are so many ways college departments can use buttons to increase involvement. Buttons and other giveaways for college students are a way to build connections among students, help newcomers identity faculty and staff, and more! Check out the nine ways promotional giveaways for college students are the most cost-effective way to promote school spirit and help boost involvement on campus and beyond.

1. Start at the Open House

Before your new students have been accepted, it's very common that they will make their first visit to campus during an Open House Event.

DePaul University wanted to ease the stress of these potential students’ first trip to their school by designing buttons for their current students. Sally Baker, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at DePaul University explains, "we used the 'Ask Me About DePaul' buttons when he would come to our house for visiting prospective students so it was easy for our guests to see which students were working as staff at the event.

2. Orientation Giveaways

Including buttons as part of New Student Orientation materials is a great way to give new recruits a chance to show their school pride before the academic year begins. Beyond using logos on the buttons, creative designs can illustrate the values that drew students to your institution in the first place. Minneapolis School of Art and Design's Fall 2014 "Sweet Team"-themed orientation was the perfect opportunity to create some delicious button designs, and show off a silly sense of humor.

Bret Smith of the MCAD Student Activities office explained that in addition to designs that aligned with the college's creative vibe, the buttons served a dual purpose. The small takeaway was the perfect size to fidget with, helping to "calm the nerves of both students and parents."

3. Identify Resources

It can be difficult for students to identify who they can reach out to ask questions during those early days on campus. Figuring out who can help them locate their classes or point the way back to their residence hall goes a long way to making new students feel comfortable and supported. Identifying buttons worn by student leaders on campus like Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, Tour Guides or Welcome Center employees ensure that students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking additional resources from those around them.

4. Faculty Meet and Greet

Making connections with faculty can be a key component to the orientation program for new students to lead to their success in higher education. Identifying the right professors early on can help students get on the right track as soon as possible. Identifier buttons help make faculty visible among the sea of new faces at meet and greets, orientation and department events.

This design was created by Savannah College of Art and Design to promote their graphic design program.

Buttons for faculty, adjunct and visiting professors are a great opportunity to represent different colleges within the university. They can also give university freshman a chance to network with teachers they may not meet or interact with until later in their program. And a great promotional button will spread the word about specific departments or special programs on campus, like this design created by Savannah College of Art and Design to promote their graphic design program.

5. Building Community

One of the most unique experiences of college life is the diverse and engaging living environment that your university can provide. And custom buttons are one of the most popular giveaways for college students when it comes to creating a sense of community. By encouraging your school or the RA's to make buttons for the students living on certain floors or dorm buildings, it creates a sense of unity and belonging amongst members.

6. Show Off Your Campus

With the addition of the new Saieh Hall for Economics that opened on the University of Chicago campus, Renee Foster the Communications and Events Director wanted to draw more attention to the Hall's reopening. Her challenge was, how to make the opening event and an "economics party" seems like a fun way to spend your evening. The button pins, which featured some class-A economics jokes, were a part of the night's button scavenger hunt, which in addition to the free food and other cool giveaways for college students, brought nearly 500 people for the open house celebration.

7. Make New Friends

Buttons can be an amazing tool for connecting students and help form communities on campus. International students, first-generation students, commuters, or transfer students can easily identify each other through particular designs. Making friends and finding folks with shared experiences are important to the college experience and buttons can make starting those first conversation-starting moments a bit less scary.

8. Proud Parents

Even with the plethora of mugs and car decals proclaiming "Proud (Insert Institution Name) Dad," buttons can be a neat souvenir for parents who have survived what may be their first university orientation. Sending a child off to school can be just as stressful on mom and dad as it is on the student, and once their child has settled in, sporting the button gives the empty nesters an opportunity to share their child's (and the parents' own!) success.

Student involvement makes for a rich college experience, and creating that sense of community begins with the Freshmen Seminar. Celebrate your dynamic student body with buttons that connect, engage and promote the qualities that make your institution special!

9. School Spirit

Coming off of their fifth year in a row win, it's hard not to attribute North Dakota State University's victories to their prideful pins worn every year! NDSU students, staff, and alumni have every reason to be proud of their Bison team, and they’re not afraid to show it. The buttons sporting their team colors, mascot, and name are handed out during events or before games to help fans show support. Looks like it's working!

Using buttons for sale is just one way your university can advertise the amazing student life on campus. Order buttons today or discover more ways to button up your university for the new semester!


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