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Busy Beaver is proud to be a LGBTQ+ ally

Our small, women-owned business is dedicated to supporting organizations who are fighting the battle for equality & representation with the LGBTQ+ community. We figured the best way to do that is to do what we do best… create custom products- like LGBTQ buttons, stickers and magnets- that will help spread your unique message!

Buttons unify people behind a single call to action. While connecting with one another in these times can prove to be difficult, it’s not impossible thanks to small custom items like pride buttons and LGBTQ stickers.

We beavers want to continue to be active allies for the LGBTQ+ community by helping make products that support your organization, message and goals. Let’s talk about any projects or events you have coming up!
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Pronoun Pack

Pronoun Pack: Pride Month 2021

We are proud allies of the LGBTQ+ community at Busy Beaver Button Co., and believe representation and inclusivity matters. In honor of Pride Month 2021 we have created these Pride and Pronoun button packs with a goal of recognizing and validating the beautiful and unique identities that exist within our shared human race.

With every purchase made in the month of June, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Chicago-based, Black/Trans-led LGBTQ+ organization, Brave Space Alliance!

Share them with your family, friends, co-workers and wear them all year round. Read on to learn more about how pronoun buttons and lgbtq pins can be used as a tool for allyship with your community and explore creative ways to make inclusive buttons to encompass all identities.



Pronoun Allyship Buttons

How to Practice Allyship Using Pronoun Buttons

A pronoun is as much a part of a person’s identity as their name. And since pronouns should not be assumed based on appearance, many organizations have begun offering pronoun buttons to help people identify themselves. These can serve as a tool for LGBT allyship by helping guests and community members feel comfortable while normalizing the conversation around pronoun usage.

We Beaver’s see new ways to be inclusive to all identities in the designs that come through our headquarters everyday. From the warm and friendly “Tell me your pronouns” to fill-in-the-blank buttons that allow you express your identity the way you are most comfortable. Check out some ways our customers have used pronoun buttons! >


Celebration & Inclusivity: Check out how these organizations use their pins and stickers!

Here at the Dam, we believe above all else that pin back buttons are another form of self expression. They may be small but gee wiz are they mighty! Buttons are a great way to stand up for what you’re proud of, identity yourself as part of a community, or even show support of the organizations you admire!
Goodsnake Buttons

Goodsnake: Art, Advertising & Activism

Goodsnake is a merch brand run by Kayla Fritz and Hannah Epelbaum that sells die cut stickers with funky illustrations, self-described “tacky” magnets, and original art and posters that will no doubt become time capsules of the moments we are living in.

“I use stickers and buttons as the most accessible way to reach my audience.” Kayla shared when we asked them what part these products play in their organization. “Not everyone has the space or ability to invest in a piece of handmade art, but anyone can enjoy a sticker or button! It’s a pocket-sized art, advertising, and activism form you can really take anywhere in the world and use it in infinite contexts. I love that something so simple can be so powerful as a social tool, and that it has remained largely unchanged for over a millennium. We are so lucky to have button-historians like Busy Beaver are preserving that history.”Learn more >
Early To Bed Buttons

Early To Bed: Fundraising & Giveaways

Early To Bed is breaking away from the image people have of a traditional sex shop. They have created a safe, sex positive space that is welcome to all genders. Not only is the Early to bed queer and trans postive, owner Searah Deysach makes a concise effort to prioritze education and the validation of identity. Early To Bed works hard to support local women and queer communties with outreach and workshops.

Absolutely all of the buttons Searah has ordered through us over the years have been inclusive and affirming from her Celebrate Trans Lives buttons on beautiful gold paper to Non-Binary is Beautiful on the cosmic finish. We’ve spoken to Searah before and have even featured her buttons in our Pride Button blog post in the past. Searah told us that the shop hands out the pride buttons for free and has been selling their pronoun buttons to raise money for their Free Binder Program. Learn more >

Need Pride Merchandise?

We have several pride and pronoun templates to get you started! Check them out!

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