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Buttons and magnets are an affordable but extremely effective marketing tool for increasing brand awareness. They leave long lasting impressions and are malleable in nature, making it simple to produce the perfect button, magnet or other bar promotional items for each unique occasion.

Any restaurant promotion or in-store event would benefit from buttons and magnets as their restaurant promotional products. A commemorative button is the surefire way of insuring someone who attended the event will remember their positive experience for years to come.

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Little Goat Buttons

Cooking Something Up With Little Goat Diner

Little Goat Diner is the brainchild of celebrity chef / Top Chef Champion Stephanie Izard. A modern update to the greasy spoons Chicago is famous for, Little Goat offers a hometown diner feel in the middle of the high-end Fulton Market District.

And how do they do that? With a fresh approach to hospitality and attention to detail. Besides a friendly wait staff serving everything from savory thai pancakes to regular black coffee, Little Goat Diner provides its customers with little perks like must-have complimentary toothpick dispensers, a working photo booth and, of course, the Button-o-Matic from Busy Beaver.

The Button-o-Matic– Busy Beaver’s fantastic, amazing, coin-operated button dispenser– is a favorite of Little Goat Marketing Director Shannon Monson. She praises Button-O-Matic’s ability to give customers a unique piece of merchandise in a fun, affordable and interactive way. "The buttons are a great keepsake for our guests to take with them," she says. "We have a lot of out of town visitors and like to think our goats are spreading joy around the world – which is the best kind of marketing there is!"

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