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Merch is an absolute must in the gaming community; every fan wants to showcase their favorite games and character. That’s why custom buttons and pins make an eye-catching and affordable addition to any video game merchandise store. And we don’t just make buttons— we also offer other custom products like stickers, custom packaging and more.

The gaming community is a close knit one, and our approach here at Busy Beaver is similar. We pride ourselves on treating every customer as a friend and guarantee our responsiveness during each step of the design and production process. From digital proofs to quick customer service, we’re here to make sure you receive the custom video game merchandise you imagined.
Custom Gamer Merchandise

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Custom Buttons

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Custom Stickers

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Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping
Want us to send directly to your fulfillment house? We can label everything however you need!

  Custom Stickers

Fully Customizable Stickers
Add custom glossy, glow or matte stickers to your next order to set your table apart!

  Special Finishes

Special Finishes
Trick out your designs with special finishes, like matte, sparkle, glow-in-the-dark, and more!

Fangamer Buttons Custom Fangamer Buttons

Fangamer Levels Up Their Merch with Special Finishes

One of our earliest customers, Fangamer, has always included Busy Beaver made buttons as complimentary bonuses to t-shirts purchased on their online game merchandise store. Fangamer provides their customers with a variety of merch that seamlessly blends game culture and modern design. And they rely on Busy Beaver to bring a variety of possibilities to their video game merchandise.

"Busy Beaver has so many options that other button companies don’t offer, like really fun sparkling or glow-in-the-dark papers," says Fangamer Illustrator and Customer Service specialist Laura Wilson. .

Wilson also appreciates the quick turnaround. Recently Fangamer ordered 300 buttons to pair as a pre-order bonus to a shirt they were launching on their video game merchandise online store. After selling 1000 shirts in the first day alone, their order of 300 needed to become an emergency order of 5,000. "They didn’t even blink, and had our buttons to us in plenty of time. When we had to do it AGAIN a few weeks later for the second run of the shirt, they were just as ready.”

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C2E2 Button Making

Button Making: Interactive Activity for Events

Busy Beaver Button Company also offers a butteenering service for local, Chicago-based events. The hand pressed buttons at button making tables can have your design or logo on them. Your patrons can have the opportunity to color around, add detail and their own personal touch to your design before it gets pressed. Everyone loves to see how a button is made but it’s even cool when you get to walk away with your own one of a kind souvenir, too! Get A Quote>


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