Button Museum

The world's only pin-back button museum

Preserving Button History

After years of growing their personal collections, siblings Christen and Joel Carter decided to show an American history through pinback buttons. In August of 2010, they created the Busy Beaver Button Museum and opened it to the public. As of 2014, the Museum is a 501C3.

Housed within Busy Beaver Button Co.’s office, the Button Museum is the world’s only pin-back button museum. You’ll not only see buttons from every year since the pin-back’s patent in 1896, but you’ll also see precursors like the inauguration buttons of George Washington and an Abraham Lincoln campaign pin.

Organized by category and date, the Button Museum hosts more than 30,000 pins of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and features categories like political, art, advertising, sports, social cause, music – it’s almost endless! These button artifacts represent the cultural and personal histories of the past. By viewing these everyday wearable objects, museum attendees are able to see first-hand how the people of each era were commenting on noteworthy events.

The Button Museum is free and open to the public Monday - Friday from 10am to 4pm, or by appointment.

To learn more or visit us virtually, you can find us online at

Did you know a button from every order is added to our button museum?