Quality Control

Our Quality Promise

We promise you’ll receive the best and highest quality buttons and products in the industry! Exceptional Quality Control is applied to every stage of our design and production processes, from the review of your artwork to the manufacturing and shipping of your custom products. This Quality Commitment is evidence of our 5-Star Rating and 20+ years of happy customers!
Quality Inspection
Best Buttons

Best Buttons You Can Buy

Highest Quality Custom Products
Busy Beaver Button Co. uses the highest quality parts and materials available for our custom products. When these high-quality parts are produced with exceptional individual craftsmanship, you can be sure you’re getting the best buttons and customs products you can buy.

Made in the U.S.A.
All our button parts are proudly “Made in the U.S.A.”

Buttons You’ll Be Proud to Wear
Outstanding quality is at the heart of who we are and everything we do. Busy Beaver Button Co. is committed to helping you create high quality custom products you’ll be proud to wear and share.
Handle With Care

100% Quality Control

Constant Quality Control
Our managers and employees review Quality Control on a daily basis and meet together as a team at least once a week to discuss ideas to further improve our products and service.

Quality Management System
To reach the goal of 100% Quality Control, we have a Quality Management System that inspects every order to ensure it meets our meticulous list of Quality Control requirements.

Special Shipping
Your order is carefully packaged to make sure it will arrive on time and in good condition. We use strong double-walled boxes and special packing materials to protect your products. As an added safeguard, we stamp boxes with our unique “Handle with Care” shipping seal.
100% Awesome – Constant Quality Control

Best Quality Materials

Special Pins that Protect Clothing
Other button companies use thick and clunky button pins that leave large holes in your clothing. However, at Busy Beaver, we use high-quality locking spring pins made of thin-gauge steel, so you can wear your buttons with confidence.

Superior Materials & Craftsmanship
Our focus on quality can be seen in both the superior quality parts and materials we use and in our exceptional product craftsmanship.

Culture of Continuous Improvement
At Busy Beaver, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services, and offer you exciting new products you can’t find anywhere else.
Button Museum

Quality that Lasts a Lifetime

95-Year “Archive Quality” Printing
Unlike many of our competitors who use cheap parts and low-quality printing, Busy Beaver uses 95-Year “Archive Quality” Printing on all products we produce.

Wearable Works of Art
We treat your custom products as “wearable works of art” that are designed and built to look great and last a lifetime!

Busy Beaver Button Museum
Busy Beaver’s passion for artistic quality buttons is richly displayed in the world’s only button museum, the Busy Beaver Button Museum, which features an original collection of buttons and pre-buttons dating back to the late 1700s!
Quality Seal of Approval

Busy Beaver’s “Quality Seal of Approval”

Hand-Inspected for Quality
Every order is carefully hand-inspected multiple times by trained managers and employees before it receives Busy Beaver’s “Quality Seal of Approval.”

Multiple Quality Control Checkpoints
Orders are monitored for quality throughout every stage of our design and production processes, from the review of your artwork to the manufacturing and shipping of your special custom products.
Highly Skilled Employees

Highly Skilled Employees

Professional Design Team
Many of our employees are professional artists and designers who are highly skilled in quality and design. If you need help making your custom products look their best, our team of experienced professional designers are happy to work with you to create your unique masterpiece.

Extensive Quality Control Training
Our design and production employees are highly trained to meet the highest Quality Control standards in the industry. In addition, our management team constantly works with employees to inspect, monitor and improve quality on a daily basis.

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