Busy Beaver Button Company - Custom buttons

1" Round Magnets

Custom magnets can help make your projects and promos more attractive. Customize while you magnetize! Looks great with other fridge magnets.

1.25" Round Magnets

1.25 inch magnets offer more room for your custom magnet design. Nothing holds up a grocery list like this refrigerator magnet.

1.5" Round Magnets

These medium-sized printed magnets are like works of art. In fact, a personalized magnet is like refrigerator art that holds up refrigerator art.

2.25" Round Magnets

A popular choice for advertising magnets, 2.25 inch customized magnets will make your message stick!

3" Round Magnets

These large fridge magnets say it loud and proud. Perfect for save the date magnets, these 3 inch custom magnets are sure to be remembered.

2x3" Rectangle Magnets

Like tiny billboards on your customers’ fridge, these rectangle magnets constantly remind people of your greatness. 

2x3" Rectangle Magnets

The long and tall magnet! These rectangle magnets are just right for images of beer bottles, skyscrapers, giraffes… well, you get the idea.

1" Square Magnets

Think outside the (ice)box with these 1 inch square custom refrigerator magnets. Square, personalized magnets look perfect on any fridge.

1.5" Square Magnets

The perfect printed magnet for showcasing an album cover. Square custom magnets just have that certain pull.

2" Square Magnets

This popular choice for custom save the date magnets has room for both a photo and text. More room will make your magnets matter!

1.5" Diamond Magnets

These medium-sized magnets are great event or advertising magnets. Exactly the same as 1.5” Square magnet (except sideways)!

2" Diamond Magnets

Create unique save the date magnets with our 2 inch diamond custom magnet option. Say yes to this diamond printed magnet.

1.75 x 2.75" Oval Magnets

All’s well that’s ov-al. These personalized magnets are great for longer logos and any unique design.