The Busy Beaver Button-O-Matic: a fun and easy way to distribute your buttons.

Get ready to delight your customers with our interactive button vending machine! These gumball-style machines dispense encapsulated buttons that are ideal for in-store promotions, trade shows, and events.

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small machine

Small Machine
Starting at $390
Holds 255 buttons

  large machine

Large Machine
Starting at $640
Holds 1180 buttons

  little mama

Little Mama
Starting at $2700
Holds 5000+ buttons

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Make Your Own Button-O-Matic Series

Make Your Own Button-O-Matic Series

Creating your own Button-O-Matic series is a great way to make your space more interactive and fun. You can design as many unique buttons as you want for your machine. Ge an estimate for custom buttons.
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Current Button-O-Matic Series

Button-O-Matic Artist Series

Since 2002 the Button-O-Matic artist series has featured hundreds of artists and hundreds of amazing button designs. Want to learn more about the history of the Button-O-Matic Artist Series?


Button-O-Matic FAQ

Button-O-Matic Machine FAQ

How do I set up my Button-O-Matic Machine?
Set up is easy! Machines come pre-assembled.

What happens if maintenance is needed for my machine?
If you ever need maintenance on your Button-O-Matic machine we Beavers are here to help! We can walk you through fixes over the phone. We are available Monday through Friday, 9AM-5:30PM CST.

Do machines come filled with buttons? How do I fill my machine?
Your machine comes with a key that allows you to easily take off the lid and refill as needed. When you run out, let us know and we can help you order more buttons.

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