Cape…? Check. Mask…? Check. Tights…? Check. Buttons….? Double Check!

Superhero! ButtonOMatic

We are proud to announce Superhero!, the latest installment in the Button-O-Matic curated artist series. Inspired by the recent resurgence of the superhero in film, television, and pop culture (Captain America, The Avengers, Thor, Wonder Woman) the Superhero! series will include 1-inch buttons in a variety of fun and unusual styles including glow-in-the-dark, metallic, 3-D, and X-Ray vision buttons, plus a few mystery “Villian” buttons.

We specially curated the series to include a mix of celebrated artists and writers including Jeffrey Brown, Lilli Carré, Anders Nilsen, Laura Park (illustrator of the current #1 New York Time’s bestseller), Travis Lampe, Jay Ryan, Shawnimals,,, Box Brown, OhNo!Doom, as well as several creations from the crew at Busy Beaver.

Superhero ButtonOMatic ButtonsThe Superhero! series makes its official debut in August, but you can pre-purchase your buttons now at Stay tuned for more details on the series including interviews from the artists and a look at the “Villian” artwork!

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