2020 Button-O-Matic Artist Series

The Time Is Now! Button Series: a collaboration with Studio Number One to benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Designed by Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One (SNO), this year’s Button-O-Matic artist series features a collection of environmental and protest-themed buttons. Through this creative collaboration, SNO hopes to spark dialogue and inspire people to take action to protect our planet and avert the climate crisis.

The sale of these buttons will benefit NRDC and their continuing efforts to avert the climate crisis. This collaboration continues NRDC’s history of interdisciplinary creative partnerships that connect everyday people with important environmental issues.

Buy a pack of environmental and protest-themed buttons and help NRDC in their fight for a world with clean air, safe water, and a livable planet for all. Use these buttons and make your voice heard!

NRDC x Studio Number One Button Pack
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Saving the World One Button at a Time

The 2020 Button-O-Matic Series isn’t the first time Busy Beaver has collaborated with NRDC and Studio Number One to affect positive change. Read more about our past collaborations:
NRDC buttons


When the NRDC needs an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to spread their message, they turn to Busy Beaver to get the job done.  We even developed capsules that were made from recycled plastic. They know that pin-back buttons are an easy way to create a dialogue around climate change and other environmental issues. By using pins in fun and creative ways, the NRDC is able to easily draw attention to their cause. Learn More! >
Studio Number One buttons

Studio Number One

Having a strong tie to their community and supporting relevant causes and issues is important to Studio Number One. And buttons pair perfectly with those beliefs. Annie Pham, Account Director at SNO, says it best: “A button is a badge of honor to show what you’re passionate about, what you stand for, or simply as a work of art that represents you.” Learn more >

2020 Button-O-Matic Artist Series    


The Time Is Now! Button Series

Busy Beaver's collaboration with Studio Number One to benefit Natural Resources Defense Council.

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2020 Button-O-Matic Artist Series

History of the Button-O-Matic Artist Series

The Button-O-Matic Artist Series began in 2002 as a way to champion buttons as tiny works of art. Artist-designed 1-inch buttons are dispensed in plastic capsules from gumball-style button vending machines across the country.

For the past 5 years, the Artists Series has also been a means to fundraise for causes and organizations in which Busy Beaver strongly believes. Through the sale of these buttons, we’ve been able to support causes like Everytown for Gun Safety and Yollocalli Arts Reach.

This year, for the partnership with NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and to continue Busy Beaver’s commitment to green manufacturing practices, we developed the world’s first plastic vending machine capsule made from 100% recycled industrial plastic.

Check out past Button-O-Matic Artist Series. Read More >