Behind the Button: Ann Friedman and Dylan C. Lathrop


An interesting trend emerged in the artwork for our 14th Button-O-Matic series. We gave each artist a very open ended assignment— to create a compelling text-only design for a 1-inch button—and four of the ten artists submitted designs which directed advice to the viewer. While some of the designs, like the button from the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, were a statement about the wearer, the buttons by Margot Harrington, Jason James, Marieke McClendon, and Ann Friedman & Dylan C. Lathrop spoke directly to the viewer. Margot Harrington’s button demanded “You Do You”, Jason James’ button design urged people to “Turn it Up”, Marieke McClendon’s button design commanded you get crazy and “Go Nuts”, and the design by Ann Friedman and Dylan C. Lathrop reminds you to “Chill Out”:

Ann Friedman elaborated about the button design she and Dylan created together:

What inspired your Button-O-Matic design?
We used to make a magazine together, and we’d get super super stressed on deadline. We would have to remind each other to chill out and enjoy it.

What’s your button’s message about?
Taking deep breaths and realizing it’s all going to be awesome.

What do you want people to get out of your button design?
A warm feeling of pleasant calm.

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Built to Chill Button