Busy Beaver Button Company - Custom buttons

1" Round Buttons

Button up with our most popular size! The 1-inch round is the classic choice for band buttons and promotional buttons. Great size for those who wear a lot of buttons!

1.25" Round Buttons

Need a compact button with a little more room? The 1.25 inch buttons offer a tad more space for your custom button design. These pinbacks have got your back!

1.5" Round Buttons

These medium-sized buttons pack a wallop! Makes for great event or promotional buttons. A good option for non-profits or anyone with a message needing to be heard.

2.25" Round Buttons

This button is the most popular size in world! The preferred choice for campaign buttons, 2.25” custom buttons are the selection to win the election!

3" Round Buttons

These large custom buttons will help your promotions in a big way! If you’re looking to make statement, 3 inch round buttons are the way to go!

6" Round Buttons

New! Our jumbo sized 6 inch buttons. These gigantic buttons are perfect for awards, celebrations, and novelty gifts.

2x3" Rectangle Buttons

The wide screen TV of buttons! Good for trade shows and political campaigns. These rectangle buttons give you plenty of space for your logo or design.

2x3" Rectangle Buttons

The long and tall buttons. These rectangle buttons make for great band merch. They're just the right dimension for poster art, photos, and more!

1" Square Buttons

It’s hip to be square! Square custom buttons offer unique designs that really stand out. The 1” square makes for an unusual promotional button.

1.5" Square Buttons

These aren’t square pegs in a round button world! The 1.5” square is the perfect pinback button for showcasing a logo or album cover.

2" Square Buttons

2” customized square buttons are buttons with an edge… literally. This jumbo square is great for getting your unique promotional button noticed.

1.5" Diamond Buttons

These medium-sized customized buttons will make an impression. Diamonds are a button wearer’s best friend.

2" Diamond Buttons

Get your brand seen with these distinctive custom buttons. Diamond customized buttons and pins will help make your project sparkle.

1.75 x 2.75" Oval Buttons

A rare shape that's great for horizontal designs and logos. These football-shaped buttons are great for university buttons, art buttons and more!