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Half Acre Beer Builds Community with Buttons

Creating a fanbase around your brewery is an essential part of the branding process. And there’s no better way for a community to show their love for their favorite local brewery than by wearing that brewery merch on their bag.

Custom brewery buttons start conversations and introduce your brand to a new audience. "A button gives us that opportunity to spark that conversation," says Robert Montgomery, Events Coordinator at Half Acre Beer Company. Half Acre is known for both their tasty ales, like the popular Daisy Cutter, and their eye-catching branding and label artwork. Their colorful illustrations and designs make for memorable merchandise.

"A button is a really easy takeaway that someone can have after they’ve had an experience with our beer," Montgomery says. Half Acre includes their name on the rim text of their buttons, so anyone who receives one will remember the brand name. And because the buttons are so noticeable, Half Acre can count on word-of-mouth; the button gives anyone wearing it the perfect opportunity to talk about the brewery and everything they enjoy about it.

Half Acre also uses buttons to get engage beer drinkers at events. At their annual "The Big North" event, the brewery creates a fun an interactive button scavenger hunt. An attendee just has to follow the clues and find all the buttons to be entered to win free drinks, Half Acre merchandise, or gift certificates. This unique part of this activation gets attendees up out of their seats and even if they find just one button, they’ll be going home with a souvenir of the event.

Buttons have helped Half Acre Beer Company spread their message for years. How will they help your brewery grow?

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4 Ways to Display Your Beer Merchandise

You've done the work to create the perfect button or beer bottle opener design that reflects your brewery's brand. And the brewery merchandise has arrived in time for your event. So now all you have left to figure out is: How do I display these buttons and bottle openers?

Bringing your craft beer merchandise straight to the people at events like conventions, concerts, or festivals is the best way to get your beer (and its products) in people's hands! And having a display that properly shows all of your buttons or openers can mean the difference between recruiting a couple new drinkers to finding lifelong supporters of your brewery.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for displaying beer merchandise:
Bowl of Off Color Buttons

1. Bowl or Bin

One of the easiest and most popular ways to display buttons and beer accessories is in a bin, bowl, or jar. People love to dig through a big pile of buttons or magnets to see all the different types of designs that may be hiding underneath.When selecting a bin to display your buttons, make sure the opening is large enough for people to reach into and is clear or has enough open space that people can spot your buttons from a distance. Bonus Tip: find a jar or bin with a lid, that way the container doubles as storage after you’ve packed up.

2. Button-O-Matic

The Button-O-Matic button dispensing machine is a great activation tool for any trade show or event. You can choose to set the machine to free, 50¢, or $1. And don't stop at 1 inch buttons, your brewery can throw in coupons or prize tickets inside the capsules so attendees have a chance to win more gifts for beer lovers. Give your customers a treat with a fun, interactive machine!
We Want Beer Buttons on a Cork Board

3. Cork Board

Your personal button collection is displayed on a cork board at home, so why not use the same idea at your events? You can display buttons by pressing the pinbacks into the cork of the board and label the buttons by different artwork. It’s a great way to get your display off the table when space is limited.

Don’t have a cork board? Sheets of cork are easy to come by at craft and home improvement stores and can be adhered to pretty much any surface for instant pin-ability.
Outrider Design Buttons and Packaging

4. Think Outside the Box

If you're shopping at the big box stores, chances are you'll be purchasing the same container that your neighbor at the convention has bought. Try thinking outside of a generic plastic box, and use unlikely containers for your merchandise.

Outrider Design uses a vintage suitcase to display his bottle openers, buttons, and koozies. The container adds to the idea that his products are "found treasures" that his customers can carry around with them.


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