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You want to get your name or your message out. We want to help you! Buttons are a reflection of you and what you stand for. You have a lot going on and you can count on us. You get high quality products, made from sustainable materials, with super-fast turnaround times. If you need design or production help our Design Studio is here for you. Let your supporters help spread the message – it’s like word-of-mouth without even speaking!

One of our clients said, "I stumble, I bumble, I dropped the ball(s) and still come out smelling like a rose. Thank you everyone for making me look like a hero with the client." -Kevin, Campaign Merchandise Buyer.


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Campaign Buttons


Political Campaign Products

12 Ideas for the Best Custom Political Campaign Products

We are not only your trusty campaign button maker, we are your one stop shop! From Bumper Stickers to Emery Boards and everything in between, we can get you prepped with all the custom merchandise you will need to hit the campaign trail. Busy Beaver's Founder and President, Christen Carter, came up with a handy guide to impactful campaign merchandise.

Christen breaks down the most cost effective merchandise and reveals some tricks of the trade when it comes to must-have campaign products that best rally constitutes around a candidate. Read more to get inspired >



Our Capabilities

Made in the USA

100% Made in the USA
All custom campaign buttons that we make are manufactured at our company headquarters in Chicago. Even our parts are American— our steel is from Gary, Indiana and our parts, machinery, and paper are made in Wisconsin.

Rush Services

Rush Services
If you need campaign pins in a hurry, we can help. Busy Beaver offers 24 and 48 hour rush options upon request. Even if it seems impossible, reach out, we’re here to help you!

Excellent Customer Service

Best Customer Service
Our motto is “Service from a Friend”: we offer the friendliest and most responsive Customer Experience in the industry. We take the time to fully understand our customers’ needs so we’re able to handle even the most complex orders.

Woman Owned Business

Woman Owned Business
Busy Beaver is 100% woman-owned and is certified as a WBE, WBENC and WOSB business.

Green Manufacturing

Green Manufacturing
We make our buttons with solar power! Buttons are made with US recycled steel and recycled and sustainably reforested paper. Our factory is heated and cooled with a geothermal power. We’re within 100 miles of all our suppliers.

Design Services

Professional Designers at Your Service
You’ve worked hard on your campaign’s message. We’ll work hard to turn that message into shareable campaign merchandise. Need a logo or just want to just tweak a design for a special event? Contact us and we’re happy to help.

GoodWerk Buttons

Customer Story: GoodWerk Use Buttons, Stickers To Reach Voters

Say hello to GoodWerk, working to do good. Okay—that’s not their official slogan, but it could be with the steps they are taking to get the younger generation out and voting. GoodWerk is a Chicago-based PAC (Political Action Committee) with a mission of empowering young people in the political process.

Since it’s been proven that the best way to reach new voters has been person-to-person interactions, GoodWerk created interactive Action Packs. The packs include colorful buttons, an enamel pin, collectible stickers, party horns (to celebrate on election night) and too-good-to-toss posters. Each Action Pack contains enough goodies to share with your community.

“I'm used to designing things for the web, not physical products” George mentioned. “So during the whole process I leaned a lot on Busy Beaver for help and advice.” George and his team recognized that fun swag makes talking to your friends about voting a little bit easier.

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Ten sets of buttons from the button museum collection and their role in memorable political debates.
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Buttons: An Iconic Campaign Tradition

Buttons have been a staple in the American campaign season since 1896 because they are an easy way to share a message, show support, and start a dialog.
Political Button History

Political Button History

While the pinback button as we know it has been around since 1896, wearable political buttons have been around since 1789, starting with George Washington's inauguration. Buttons have embodied a people’s history of American culture and politics and are important historical markers. We are so proud to be able to carry on that tradition!
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Protest Buttons

The History of Protest Buttons

In the ever changing efforts to fight for human rights, animal rights, just plain rights, buttons have always been hanging off of activists trying to make changes. They help move the needle and gather support. You literally stand behind your beliefs, making them a meaningful conversation starter.
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