Free Holiday Fonts for Designers (and Design Nerds)

Nov 15th 2013

Free Holiday Fonts for Designers (and Design Nerds)

Finding the perfect festive-but-not-cheesy holiday font is no easy task. Sure, we could type everything in a barely legible jingle bells script, but who really wants to read that? To help, we've compiled a list of our eight favorite holiday fonts-- all festive, no cheese. And best of all, they're each available to download online for free.

Links to download fonts pictured: Bira, Mister Sinatra, Hallandale Deco, Porter Sans Block, ARB 85 Poster Script, Budmo, Motion Picture, Sansita One.

Using these eight fonts, we put together a Holiday Cheer Button Pack based on some of our favorite holiday song lyrics.

And for those of you in a not-so-festive mood, we have the Anti-Cheer Button Pack:

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