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Buttons are a great souvenir of a great meal

Bizzy the Beaver

Little Goat Diner is the brainchild of celebrity chef / Top Chef Champion Stephanie Izard. A modern update to the greasy spoons Chicago is famous for, Little Goat offers a home-town diner feel in the middle of the high-end Fulton Market District.

And how do they do that? With a fresh approach to hospitality and attention to detail. Besides a friendly wait staff serving everything from savory thai pancakes to regular black coffee, Little Goat Diner provides its customers with little perks like must-have complimentary toothpick dispensers, a working photo booth and, of course, the Button-o-Matic from Busy Beaver.

The buttons are a great keepsake for our guests to take with them

- Shannon Monson, Marketing Director, Little Goat

The Button-o-Matic– Busy Beaver’s fantastic, amazing, coin-operated button dispenser– is a favorite of Little Goat Marketing Director Shannon Monson. She praises Button-O-Matic’s ability to give customers a unique piece of merchandise in a fun, affordable and interactive way. "The buttons are a great keepsake for our guests to take with them," she says. "We have a lot of out of town visitors and like to think our goats are spreading joy around the world – which is the best kind of marketing there is!"

While they love making the Button-O-Matic available to their customers, Little Goat reserves their favorite buttons for their staff. "They helped us make a “Goat of the Month” metallic button that I get the honor of handing out each month,” says Monson. “Without fail the staff member receiving the button’s face lights up when I hand it to them, it makes for a great moment every month!"

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