Hello! Christen Carter here.

I’m the President & Owner of Busy Beaver Button Co., the co-curator of the Button Museum, and the co-author of the Button Power: 125 Years of Saying It with Buttons.

Buttons are something I can talk about forever. They tell American history and culture like nothing else! Their design and messaging are unique to their time, showing people’s perspective at that moment. The stories behind the buttons whether they are about political candidates or beer advertising are infinitely fascinating and have parallels to our current moment.

I value relationships, collaboration, and fun and love to connect with other people – it makes my world go ‘round, just like a button!
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Here are things I like to talk about

Christen Carter speaking at Pop Up Exhibit
Speaking at a pop-up Button Museum exhibit.

Christen Carter speaking at the Creative Works conference
Telling the history of where “thumbs up” came from the Creative Works conference in Memphis, TN Oct 2019.


Buttons seem like such a specific thing, however they cover so many cultural movements and historical moments. One of the things I love about them is all the stories they tell and how they tell them.

Past engagements covered:
• How people have communicated their ideas historically to create movements
• Political history as told through buttons
• Workshops on how to distill your personal message into a button that people will want to wear
• Supporting non-profits and community organizations to simplify and amplify their messages


Owning a business gives us the chance and responsibility to try to create more of what we want to see in the world while creating an independent and interdependent economy.

Past engagements covered:
• How to start and run a successful creative business
• Being passionate about what you do
• Workshops on entrepreneurship with student and adult groups
• Greening your operations: good for people, good for planet

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