Kickstarter Kicks Buttons Up a Notch

Aug 11th 2010

Kickstarter Kicks Buttons Up a Notch

What is precious, wearable, and glows in the dark? These amazing one-inch, glow-in-the-dark, 24-karat gold buttons conceptualized by Kickstarter and produced by Busy Beaver Button Co.

Kickstarter is funding tool for creative projects that spans film, food, gaming, dance, art, and more. Kickstarter allows you to set a goal for the financial amount you need to make a project happen, and invites supporters to pledge toward your cause.

You create progressive incentives for higher levels of giving, like a copy of your successfully-funded movie's DVD for a $25 pledge, or VIP tickets to opening night for a $100 pledge.

Kickstarter founder Charles Adler used the tool to fund a project that improves the presentation of data on his website with the aid of "infographics maestro" Nicholas Felton, of the famed Feltron Annual Report and Daytum.

And guess what? The Feltron vs Kickstarter surpassed their financial goal to raise $3,000 and accumulated $3,222 to get Felton on board!

Now those who donated more than $20 receive one-of-a-kind, one-inch buttons designed by Felton himself. Buttons show a Venn diagram linking two glow-in-the-dark circles with a 24 kt gold circle. Charge it up under a bright light and impress your friends for a half hour!

Creating a unique button like this started eleven months ago with two failed steel rule die attempts, 200 gold-plated button parts, glow-in-the-dark materials, and one awesome 1/2-inch paper drill bit that makes Kickstarter more fun, exciting and intuitive— not to mention, "sexy as hell."

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