Memorial Buttons

Dec 13th 2023

Memorial Buttons

Memorial buttons are a cost effective memento to share at a wake, memorial, funeral, or celebration of life. Grieving friends and families can wear the memory of their beloved everyday. Busy Beaver has created memorial pins for people as well as pets for several years and are honored to assist you in making personalized memorial buttons. With our help, you can easily provide custom memorial items for loved ones.

Memorial Photo Buttons

There’s no right or wrong way to honor your loved one. You can celebrate their memory by designing some artwork that reminds you of them or share a quote that they found inspiring. Many chose to use a photo on their buttons in remembrance.

When choosing which photo, try to find an image where your loved one is perfectly centered. You'll want a picture that is close enough to showcase their facial features, but not too close that parts of their face are cut out when the photo is cropped to fit the button.

What Size Should I Pick?

If you decide to choose to use a photo on your memorial buttons, we suggest something on the slightly larger side. We typically suggest 2.25” or 3” round standard glossy buttons for memorial buttons with photos so they stand out when you wear them. This way, if you add any text or design on the photo, both the photo and the text can be seen easily.

Can I Add Design?

Many people coming to us need a little extra help laying out their design. Sometimes all they have is a photograph and idea of some extra text they want to add.

We have three levels of design service for an additional charge that can cover any additional work you might need. The most common service used for memorial gifts is our text only design. This allows our customers to add text to their provided photo, for example “In Loving Memory”.

Sometimes our clients are looking to customize their funeral gifts further. With our next design service tier, our design team can edit further- for example adding graphics, or photoshop a couple images together. 

Can I receive Memorial Buttons Fast?

No one expects to order memorial items for funerals, we understand that these are usually sudden needs. Celebrations of life for your loved one are usually approaching quickly and you need prompt and efficient service that you can rely on to deliver on time. We know that you often have so many other details to plan, we would be honored to make your memorial gift special and take this responsibility off your mind. We have several rush options available. For those who want to pick up from our Chicago location, we can have your funeral buttons ready within a day at no additional charge. We also have rush shipping options available. Let us know your timeline and we’ll help figure out the best way to get your personalized memorial gifts to you in time.

Let us take this one thing off your plate. We have years of experience, and custom buttons are our speciality. Give us a call or email us at for assistance in your order. 

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