New Year Motivation Button and Magnet Packs

Jan 7th 2015

New Year Motivation Button and Magnet Packs

Everyone enters January full of motivation. Lists of resolutions, waived sign-up fees at the gym, inspirational Facebook cover photos-- the world is our oyster this month. But how to keep the good vibes going all year long?

Marketing and design firm SURFACE 51 wanted to spread around motivation in a way that's not only catchy, but sticks around longer than the rest of our New Year's resolutions. And what better way to do that than some clever buttons and magnets!

SURFACE 51 swag bag

SURFACE 51 founder, Al Fleener, explained, "Basically, we put together a little motivational bag for clients this year." The gift featured a printed pouch filled with an assortment of buttons and magnets inspired by the firm's recently revamped look. "The design inspiration was really pulled from our overall SURFACE 51 brand identity-- just a wee bit more playful and fun," Al explained.

The SURFACE 51 team selected phrases that spoke to them personally, hoping that clients would find similar inspiration. "Some of them are just our general SURFACE 51 vernacular-- like the "BE AWESOME" one. Others, we've picked up along the way and all resonate with our way of thinking about life (and work!)," Al said.

SURFACE 51 buttons

"What we've noted over the years," Al explained, "is that as complicated as some marketing campaigns can get, what we see works time and time again are the little, simply things like buttons. If we put a bowl of cool buttons out on our conference table, it's rare that someone doesn't ask if they can have one."

The goal of the packs was to make "something folks would immediately want to wear, or stick on their fridge (which they are!)." Al shared that SURFACE 51 clients have been sharing their goodies online as the gifts arrived.

Loved the gift bag of magnets and buttons from my friends at @surface51 - always inspiring.

Thanks to @surface51 for my "brand new bag" of goodies. Cheers to 2015, friends! — Carly McCrory 

With the firm's official motto to "Be Awesome. And get stuff done," we think it's pretty clear that SURFACE 51 did both with these clever and catchy little packs.

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