What Special Finish Will Work For You?

Mar 12th 2024

What Special Finish Will Work For You?

When it comes to pin back buttons, there are more options than your standard glossy finish. Special finishes can help make your buttons stand out from the crowd.

Discover the perfect button finish for you with this guide!

Standard, matte, and hemp finishes are the most popular choices for those who want to stay true to their brand colors. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Standard (aka Glossy):

The option you’re probably most familiar with and the most common choice for pin-back buttons. A thin layer of plastic mylar is pressed over your printed design to give it a shiny appearance.

Soft-touch Matte:

Busy Beaver Button Co.’s exclusive Soft-touch Matte finish not only gives your buttons a luxurious velvety feel but also enhances the vibrancy of your colors. Plus, with no glare, it's perfect for snapping photos of your fabulous logos and designs!


Similar to Matte, Hemp has the same soft feel and glare-free finish. Because of how hemp paper is made, there are subtle flecks and imperfections from the hemp fiber that can appear within your artwork. BONUS: it’s our most sustainable, eco-friendly option, so you can feel good about choosing the Hemp finish!

If you're looking for something a little more whimsical, holographic finishes might be the way to go.


Creates a rainbow-like effect that changes as the button moves, adding a fun and magical element to your collection.


Adds extra flare with a speckled effect. Sparkle is best used with simple designs and can make complicated art look a bit busy.


Appears more like cracked ice. This effect is best for bold, high-contrast designs.

Glow in the Dark:

One of our most popular interactive finishes! The paper we use will look like our standard finish in bright light, but in the dark lighter colors will glow brightly! The lighter the color the more it will glow. Ideal designs for this finish are bold, high contrast, black and white designs. 

Neon Papers (Green, Orange, & Pink):

Super bright papers can elevate basic designs! But remember, the neon base may alter your colors. See how it impacts the beaver and Rainbow Wash buttons? Neon tends to overpower light shades and distort darker ones. Always request a proof before production to check color accuracy on neon papers.

Paper Bag & Gold Paper work in a similar way to our neon papers, the color of the paper underneath will influence the way your colors print out on top of them.

Paper bag:

Create an aged, almost vintage effect to your custom products.

Gold Paper:

Has a slight golden metallic sheen that can take a plain design to the next level. 

Metallic finish:

This adds a shiny, reflective surface to your buttons, giving them a sleek and eye-catching look. Metallic gives your design an interactive effect by allowing the metal beneath the colors to shine through.

Silver Paper:

Not a true metal like our Metallic Finish option is, it has a silvery, shimmery sheen that moves with the light. Colors of your design will be printed directly onto silver paper so they will be affected! 

These special finishes are a great way to personalize your pin back buttons and make them uniquely yours and add a little flair to your experience. Need expert advice on which to choose? Our friendly team is happy to weigh in! Ask us at what finish your design might be best for and we’ll give you consultation. 

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