Good Eggs Buttons Up

May 30th 2014

Good Eggs Buttons Up

I've been known to order from grocery delivery services from time to time— I don't have to carry 30 pounds of cat litter up two flights of stairs and they delivered during this year's Polar Vortex! But until I learned more about our customer Good Eggs I didn't realize there was a delivery service that offered local options. Not only do they have good lookin' buttons, but they have a great mission— to "grow and sustain local food systems worldwide"

That means you can have vegetables from your local farmer delivered right to your house! And, according to Ali Pflaum of Good Eggs, you might even get a button with your order. Pflaum said of the buttons, "We love to include buttons in our customer's orders and hand them out at events. They're a great conversation starter about local food and our incredible farmers and foodmakers that sell through our marketplace."

Right now Good Eggs is only available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and New Orleans, but hopefully they'll be expanding their service nationwide and bringing their nicely designed buttons with them.

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