Hard Decora Promotes Aggressive Individuality

Mar 14th 2018

Hard Decora Promotes Aggressive Individuality

Hard Decora, an apparel, lifestyle, and illustration brand, was created by Kamilah Jones in 2014. The brand contrasts using typical "soft" colors and Harajuku influenced styles with the message of fighting for yourself and being "hardcore"—which is where the name came from! What started as a way to promote aggressive individuality and challenge the status quo, became a bold and inclusive clothing line.hard decora buttons

Kamilah's vision for her fashion brand extended past that initial tumblr image—there is a lot of 90s styles that can seen in the designs as well! Pulling from some of her favorite pop stars like TLC, Aliyah, Missy Elliot and the WWE wardrobe, Kamilah was creating the wearables that made her feel strong, confident, and "aggressively cute!" hard decora buttons

In addition to their line of shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, and accessories, Hard Decora also uses buttons as a way to extend the brand. Using a sparkle finish on their colorful designs, while also showcasing the Hard Decora spirit with sayings like, "I Don't F*ck Around", "Damn It" and "Try Me" on the buttons help express the brand's overall vibe. hard decora buttons

Not only does Hard Decora show diversity and inclusion, but Kamilah's label advocates for everyone to feel comfortable in their skin. "I feature a diverse cast of characters on my shirts. I'm a dark skin black woman wearing bold and pastel colors trying to show others that black goes with everything."

The clothing brand actively questions the cultural connotation of wearing bright colors. As Kamilah explains, "I'm trying to challenge the idea that in order to wear pastels or bright colors you have to be defenseless, denying adulthood, that it means you should be underestimated." hard decora buttons

Kamilah's parents have been a huge influence over the person and business owner she is today. "Both of them are fashionable. Who I am right now doesn't seem that surprising when I look at the two of them." Her dad is an international DJ and music producer that instilled resilience and determination as key tools to success while Kamilah's mom is a former singer turned nurse that taught her about professionalism.

Hard Decora is expanding everyday— "these opportunities change what I thought was possible for my brand" says Kamilah. Just this last year the brand announced their line being sold in Japan's Galaxxxy store. With all the news around the clothing line, make sure to stay up-to-date with Kamilah and Hard Decora online!

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