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The University of Michigan is one the nation’s most well-respected universities– and it works hard to uphold its reputation of excellence. With countless events occurring year round for students, parents, donors and alumni, Michigan’s marketing department needs to put a lot of “M’s” on a lot of stuff. That’s where Busy Beaver comes in.

With as many events as she has to plan, Assistant Director Michelle Austin doesn’t have time for micro-managing third parties. “We have a lot of different products and vendors we are working with to plan events, so it’s helpful to have a reliable vendor that we do not need to worry about,” she says. “Busy Beaver is simple, straightforward, and honest.  If we place an order, I know we will receive it on time and it will be a quality product.”

If we place an order, I know we will receive it on time and it will be a quality product

- Michelle Austin, Assistant Director, Event Marketing and Operations at University of Michigan

The button business is designed for mass production, but with a school as big as Michigan, mass production can quickly become a massive production- especially when time is of the essence.

“This past summer, we needed a rush order on some U-M Mom and U-M Dad buttons we had ordered the previous summer,” says Austin. “ It was unclear to me when/how quickly I needed to order and what the cost implications were.” Lucky for Austin, the Beavers were on it. “I just emailed the team and someone responded with all of the options clearly laid out for me, which I really appreciated.  When you are in a tight spot, it can be hard to crunch the numbers and figure out what shipping option is best.” With Busy Beaver, Austin managed her order– and budget– to easily get her buttons in time for the event. 
The University of Michigan is proud to be Wolverines– but when it comes to reliably delivering quality marketing materials at a great price, they’re calling the beavers.

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