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Beer, Art and Buttons: Arcade Brewery Builds Community

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Building community can happen around many things– proximity, common interests, or even a cold drink. Chicago brewers Arcade Brewery aims to build their brand around, as co-founder Chris Tourre put it, “amazing beers, art and culture.” That, and a healthy dose of old school gaming-inspired branding.

We recently spoke with Chris to find out more about Arcade, and how buttons fit into their mission.

Arcade Brewery is a brewery dedicated to the combination of amazing beers, art and culture.  We really like to get out community involved in much of what we do from them naming one of our fermenters to our quarterly label design competition we hold quarterly titled public brew.  We recently just launched our first 6-pack titled “Festus Rotgut”, the first-ever comic told across six beers. The comic was written by Jason Aaron (Thor, Star Wars) with art by Tony Moore (The Walking Dead) and the beer by us (of course).

We are constantly tinkering to make better beer and badass packaging that speaks to our community.  We believe you can create an awesome culture around amazing beer without being overly serious or pretentious.  Its beer, it should be fun.

We strive to have a fun brand and think buttons are a fun piece of swag Chris Tourre, co-founder of Arcade Brewery

Currently we own equipment and brew our own beer out of a shared brewing facility with Ale Syndicate, in 2015 we are looking to begin our expansion into our own space to allow us to make more beer and have a taproom dedicated to our beers.  Its going to be a crazy year, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception to us in 2014 and are pumped to bring more to Chicago and beyond in 2015.

We strive to have a fun brand and think buttons are a fun piece of swag.  They are super versatile as well. You can put a button on any piece of clothing or bag for a low price.  It's a great way for a our community to customize their clothes/accessories with Arcade Brewery swag.

Since we have only been operational for about 6 months now, we wanted to keep our branding fairly consistent. We have plans to make future swag (including buttons) around some of our beers and “hero” characters that we have on our labels. There are always a lot of ideas swirling around over here on how we can infuse art and design into our business model. I’m fairly certain you’ll see more “button diversity” from us soon.

We use our buttons in a variety of ways. Our community can purchase a button pack from us for $1 from our website. We have them as giveaways at some events or will lump them into donation packages for charitable events.  They are a great little add-on to just about anything, are relatively inexpensive and have a more hefty presence than a sticker.

People really seem to light up when they see them, especially our “Pixelated Phil” button; he’s kind of our brewery mascot. I’ll have friends excitedly text me every so often letting me know they saw someone wearing a button on the train or on someone’s bag when walking in downtown Chicago.  Its fun to hear that, I’m glad that people like what we are doing enough to pin us onto their person for the day. It's flattering.

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