Bizzy the Beaver

Hitting the Festival Circuit with Culture Collide

Bizzy the Beaver

Monique Gilbert, Culture Collide

Culture Collide is a lifestyle grab bag– part editorial platform, part travel magazine, part international music festival, part creative agency– long story short, if it's a cool thing to do, Culture Collide is probably doing it. And since there are few things cooler than a good custom button, Culture Collide found Busy Beaver to be a natural partnership.

Culture Collide is known for its festivals, which call for bringing unique artistic experiences to a huge number of audience members. Now, six years and eight festivals in, they've found nothing fits that bill quite like a Busy Beaver button.

Fantastic customer service and creativity are the norm with Busy Beaver, not the exception Monique Gilbert, Cullture Collide

"Busy Beaver is a fantastic partner of our annual Culture Collide Festival," says Culture Collider Monique Gilbert. "We collaborate to create buttons representing the various countries the bands on our lineup come from. Fans and festival goers go nuts collecting them."

So what makes Busy Beaver stand out to a group that makes its name on its collaborations? "Fantastic customer service and creativity are the norm with Busy Beaver, not the exception," says Gilbert. "I think what stands out overall is each person’s passion for the button as a vehicle for sharing art and communicating.

Culture Collide has found that the best business relationships are fueled by mutual passions. "The folks at Busy Beaver are our friends. They are fun and friendly, responsive, flexible and clearly care about what they do." And when it comes to professional friendship, nothing seals the deal like a good button. Says Gilbert, "[Busy Beaver owner] Christen Carter gave me a pair of buttons, each one has an illustration of a girl barfing. One button has “Best” and the other has “Friends”. They’re weird. And they make me laugh."

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