Jim Keltner Buttons Up

Feb 16th 2015

Jim Keltner Buttons Up

Jim Keltner, qu'est-ce que c'est? John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, referenced him as one of the most prolific session drummers in rock'n'roll history.

Pictured is a reproduction of Jim Keltner Fan Club buttons that George Harrison custom-ordered back in the day. Check out the original pin here.

This badge was made for the production crew of AMERICAN MASTERS: LENNONNYC documentary which premieres next Monday, November 22 on PBS. They asked the Busy Beaver Design Service to recreate the art for them as a memento for the launch.

The Beatles' inside joke, and the foundation of this gag-badge, is explained here:

Keltner's relationship with the former Beatles was such that his name was used to parody McCartney on albums released by Harrison and Starr in 1973.

Early that year, Paul McCartney, the only Beatle not to have worked with Keltner, included a note on the back cover of his Red Rose Speedway album, encouraging fans to join the "Wings Fun Club" by sending a "stamped addressed envelope" to an address in London.

Later that year, both Harrison's Living in the Material World and Starr's Ringo contained a similar note encouraging fans to join the "Jim Keltner Fun Club" by sending a "stamped undressed elephant" to an address in Hollywood.

Click here to watch Jim Keltner, "discussing John Lennon’s particular genius." Do like George Harrison, and make your own fan club buttons here.


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