Top 5 Things that are Rectangular

May 31st 2017

Top 5 Things that are Rectangular

Here's a special list dedicated to our unique and historic size: custom rectangle buttons. It's been many years since the release of our quad-sided friend and to celebrate, here's a round-up of the top 5 things that are rectangular to bring you joy and inspiration.

Rectangle Magnets

5. Cafeteria Pizza

pizza button

Take a trip down memory lane. The staple in any elementary school kid's hot lunch. Nothing conjures childhood like a slice of school cafeteria pizza. Did you know it's a vegetable too?

4. Cell Phone

cell phone button

That electric rectangle thing you stare at all day. Sure you can use the photos from it to create photo buttons, but why not make that rectangle device that's great for reading the news, watching movies, or creeping on your friends' lives into its own pin!

3. Money

money button

The rectangular object designed to buy you more rectangular (or otherwise shaped) objects. Usually fits inside a rectangle container that slides right into your back rectangle pocket.

2. Ice Cream Sandwich

ice cream button

Yep, we're ranking ice cream above money. Rectangular ice cream is the best ice cream! Good enough to make into two custom rectangle pins.

1. Good ol' 2" x 3" rectangle buttons and magnets!

rectangle button

Can your button rectangle like our buttons can? Make a rectangle button or magnet of your favorite rectangle things. 

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