Behind the Button: OhNo!Doom

Superhero! Button-O-Matic seriesWho else would Busy Beaver turn to for villain buttons but the Chicago artist collective OhNo!Doom? We sat down with members Oscar Alatorre, Max Bare, Joseph Call, Jordan Owen and Andrew Thompson to get their thoughts on all things super— villain or hero.

Superpower of choice?
Oscar Alatorre: X-Ray Vision
Max Bare: Super souped-up brain gravy to pick up things with the ol’ noggin, so I can be the fattest ever
Joe Call: Invisibility
Jordan Owen: I never trust anything that flies, so that’s out… this might sound weird but I’d really like to be the mad scientist type of inventor guy that gets an unlimited budget to make crazy gadgets and anti-villain weaponry. Hmm.. a genius then?
Andrew Thompson: The ability to read my cats mind … like Aqua Man with house cats.

Favorite Batman actor (film or tv)?
Oscar Alatorre: Micheal Keaton
Max Bare: Cartoon Batman (the animated series)
Joe Call: Joker
Jordan Owen: I have always been of fan of the Keaton Batman.
Andrew Thompson: Adam West

Favorite super villain?
Oscar Alatorre: Magneto
Max Bare: Mysterio was always dumb enough looking to be awesome.
Joe Call: Skeletor
Jordan Owen: Christopher Lloyd in Roger Rabbit
Andrew Thompson: Dr. Octopus

Favorite superhero flick?
Oscar Alatorre: Superman II
Max Bare: The Incredible got it right.
Joe Call: The Watchmen
Jordan Owen: Big fan of Superman II. Simply amazing.
Andrew Thompson: The Incredibles

What was the inspiration for your Superhero! button design?
Oscar Alatorre: A combination of an evil Luchador with super strength and great fighting ability— including a manly mustache that any woman would love.
Max Bare: Carnage, symbiotic serial killer villain from the Spidey comics, except in my version Snacks Bear, the superhero bear, permanently bonds with a jar of evil honey, thus becoming Snaximum Bearnage.
Joe Call: Mutant freaks!
Jordan Owen: Basically robots will eventually rule the world… I have proof. First they will be our friends and cook our breakfast for us… then they will turn on us and eat us for breakfast. Just sayin…
Andrew Thompson: All of the mad scientists that had an experiment go wrong, making them who they are.

Any cool projects in the works right now?
Oscar Alatorre: Creating a 3D model in Maya for Toy Dungeon Studios to have 3D printed.
Max Bare: Working on a new tee for OhNo!Doom and finishing a new issue of “Mystery Afoot,” a comic book that chronicles detectives, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, created by myself, Zoran Gvojic, and Dave Schneider.
Joe Call: A compilation of familiar faces from a far away land and new art work for a group show in Colorado this December.
Jordan Owen: Just released the brand new FluffyFriends Chompin’ Plush toy line! That’s right, the worlds cutest, most diabolical plush toys are now available for your chompin’ delight. Check out for more info!
Andrew Thompson: Leading snipe hunting expeditions and working with the OhNo!Doom crew to put together an amazing show in Colorado.

What button are you wearing right now?
Oscar Alatorre: OhNo!Doom button made by Busy Beaver
Max Bare: Just acquired a “Meat Sweats” button that I’m proud of— very applicable in the 95 degree weather especially after a burger.
Joe Call: “Say what?” OhNo!Doom button
Jordan Owen: My Busy Beaver made “I’m Bad” button for FluffyBadBad!
Andrew Thompson: A button designed by Jeff Lamm

Check back Thursday for more interviews with the Superhero! Button-O-Matic artists.

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