Clever Holiday Button Promotions

Dec 2nd 2014

Clever Holiday Button Promotions

Everybody's wants to stand out from the crowd when it comes to holiday promotions, and history has proven that buttons are a great way to make that happen. From smelly to sparkly to seemingly endless, here's our round-up of clever holiday promotions new and old.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Poop Buttons

Last Friday, Cards Against Humanity sold out of 30,000 anti-Black Friday boxes of "Holiday Bullshit" within hours. Max Temkin, one of CAH's founders, tweeted that if buyers are expecting to buy a box of poop and get something other than poop in it, they'll be disappointed. That said, we can report that the orders will also contain one of these cute poop-scented buttons. We figure shippable and wearable poop count as a pretty memorable promo.

Lil Bub

Lil Bub Christmas Button

As if a box full of magical space cat goodness wasn't enough, Lil Bub is offering free limited edition button as part of Holiday Gift Bundles. Sparkly Bub in a hot air balloon-- if that doesn't motivate holiday shopping, well, we just don't know what will!


Holiday cards are a great way to get noticed when you're not necessarily selling anything (except maybe your of services) during the holidays. This clever holiday card from RG.Design uses 1" buttons as "ornaments," adding a lot of flare to the standard 2-D Christmas card. Even better— where most holiday cards get recycled in January, the buttons will stick around forever.

Miaso Design

pile of Christmas Buttons

Another creative holiday promo idea for creatives comes from Chicago designer Kristin Miaso who created these funny button packs last year. Kristin's last name translates as "meat," so the carnivorous holiday theme was a clever way to keep her top of mind with clients. She extended the theme into a letterpress card that accompanied the packs, too.


pile of JC Penny Christmas buttons

Back in 2012, JCPenney gave away over 80 million buttons as part of their "Merry Christmas, America" campaign. Sure, not everybody can afford to carpet the nation with buttons, but it's certainly a memorable way to spread the button love!

Button promotions come in all shapes and sizes, just like buttons themselves! Check out our series of innovative buttons for unique ideas galore.

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