How to Make Holographic Stickers

Jun 14th 2023

How to Make Holographic Stickers

Yes, you’ve heard correctly– Busy Beaver now offers custom holographic stickers! 2023 has been a big year for us sticker-wise, from getting an additional printer that has helped increase our capacity immensely (i.e. we’re currently doing an order for 20k stickers in-house?!), to expanding our finish offerings: things are very exciting!

Our holographic stickers have been super popular and we love seeing all of your art with the groovy-looking rainbow sheen. However, maybe you’re not sure how to print holographic stickers. No need to fret– just follow these tips signed off from our Design Studio to help you make the best holographic stickers imaginable!


1. Striking Designs with Heavy Contrast are A+!

A design with basic black text can easily be elevated by adding this special finish. Using dark colors and designs with a lot of contrast make the most out of it! Light colors or colors that are very similar to each other might be difficult to see or read from far away.

Our standard glossy and matte stickers are printed on white vinyl, however, with our holographic stickers, they’re printed directly onto the iridescent material. Due to this, be extra careful with artwork that has any light blues or yellows as they might get lost. In general, most colors come out looking a little bit lighter on our holographic vinyl compared to our other custom stickers.


2. Show Off the Holographic

Don’t be afraid of including a lot of open space in your design! White areas are where the holo really shines. Let the special finish speak for itself and work in conjunction with whatever artwork you create.


3. Think of Your Angles!

Our holographic stickers are interactive and the finish looks great on display with plenty of movement. It’s playful, so have fun with it and use it to its full potential. You can’t help but turn your head when you see one of these rainbow stickers.


4. Time and Place

Hot tip: holographic stickers have been a huge seller for all things Pride and LGBTQ+! It is a great way to add some rainbow to any logo or pre-existing artwork. If you’ve gotten some of our standard glossy or matte stickers before, why not try ‘em out with holographic? We keep all previous artwork on file for easy reorders.

Order Custom Stickers 

Feeling inspired? Reach out today to get your order started and get some stickers in your hands pronto! Also, if you don’t know how to make holographic stickers, our Design Studio is here to help bring your ideas to life. We can’t wait to learn more about your project!

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