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Make eye catching stickers with an ethereal, interactive rainbow effect

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Holographic Stickers Custom Made By The Experts At Busy Beaver

Affectionately also called "Unicorn" or "Rainbow", Custom Holographic Stickers are a favorite special finish option of our clients and their communities! This effect is a fun and easy way to delight your audience - apply it to your favorite exisiting design for a jazzy new look or get inspired to make something brand new.

Are you ready to turn heads with holographic stickers? We'd love to help you get started! We Beavers are special finish experts and custom holographic is a favorite of ours.

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5-Star Service & Fast Turnaround For Custom Stickers

”I absolutely love the work that Busy Beaver Buttons was able to help me with! The custom die cut stickers I designed turned out perfect and added something very special to a birthday. BBB was professional, quick, and hospitable! I'll use them again in the future!” — Georgie C., Great experience! Nice People


”Amazing customer service and end product! I trust Busy Beaver to deliver high quality items quickly, and absolutely recommend them. They are the best!"— Leah F.


”The layout of the design was exactly what I wanted and the quality is fantastic. They were produced and shipped VERY quickly. Couldn't be more pleased!“ — Gabe K., Just what I wanted!

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Holographic Custom Stickers FAQ:

What are holographic stickers made of? We use a durable, holographic vinyl material to print these eye catching custom stickers!

Can you use holographic stickers outdoors? Yes, you can use holographic vinyl stickers outside! The material we use is 2 year outdoor certified weather proof.

What design works best for the rainbow effect? The most irridescent stickers have lots of white/light colors. Any part of your design with white will show the interactive material as it is! Most colors will print sheer enough to show a shine, but the rainbow will show best through light colors. Reach out if you have any concerns about your design. Check out our how to make holographic stickers guide!

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Tips & Tricks To Make Holographic Stickers!

Kiss Cut Stickers

To Kiss Cut Or Not Kiss Cut
Glow stickers are available with an optional, preset "kiss cut" border for free! An additional 1/8 of material around the cut lines that make them SUPER peel-able. Check out how our kiss cut stickers work to see if this is right for your design.

  How to make die lines

How To Make Die Lines
For a die cut sticker, we need to set up a custom cut line or "die line" around your design. Our in-house design studio can set this up for you, free of charge! If you want to set your file up yourself, we put together a guide you can follow: How to Make Die Lines in Illustrator.

  Custom Sticker Packs

Pack Up Your Glowing Stickers
How do you present your custom glow in the dark stickers once your order them? The answer is packaging! Curate designs, pair matching buttons and even share additional information. Check out our options for custom sticker packs to see which one is best for you.

Want to try out Holographic Vinyl Stickers? Request a quote!

Truly every aspect of your stickers are customizable at Busy Beaver, from the design, to the exclusive special finishes we offer, all the way down to the shapes. Yes, you read that right! Along with our wide selection of standard shapes and sizes, we also have a die cut option available. Get your glow in the dark sticker custom cut to any shape you can imagine.

Got a special project on the horizon? Tell us what you are looking for in your glow in the dark custom stickers!