Pro Packaging Tips for the Everyday Designer

Dec 17th 2015

Pro Packaging Tips for the Everyday Designer

Designers, record labels, and internet cats alike all understand the importance of creating a polished looking product that is ready for sale. Creating  packs for your button sets are an easy solution to elevate your designs to the next level. Check out our tips for creating the "complete package" (see what we did there).

1. Take Advantage Of The Card

Our packaging options all come with full color printing available on both sides of the cardstock for no additional charge. This is a great way to show off your artwork and branding. These flat packs we made for Creepy Co. take full advantage of our eco friendly backer cards by showing off their custom button while making eye catching promotional material!


2. Curate Your Designs

Product packaging leads to higher resale value. Retail ready package design gives you an opportunity to display multiple designs together. One of our favorite tips and tricks is to consider what you are planning on bagging and think of the finished set! Curation leads to great package design. 


3. Mix & Match

Add a little bit of spice to your button packs! Pair your pin-backs with matching custom enamel pins, stickers, mirrors, magnets or MORE! Our high touch customer service and design studio can help you find out what type of packaging is right for your set! 


For more package inspiration:    Check out our tips for packaging enamel pins too!

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