Real Talk, Real Buttons

Aug 15th 2013

Real Talk, Real Buttons

Brandon Williams, who performs under the name Real T@lk, is a Chicago poet and rapper active in the spoken word and music scene. He started making his signature 2.25" glow in the dark buttons last year, selling them after open mic and hip hop shows.

It's always easy to match Brandon up with his orders in the when he comes to pick them up-- not only because the buttons have his face on them, but because we've never seen him without one on his lapel.

Besides his commitment to self-promotion, Brandon is somewhat legendary around the Beaver Dam for the thank you comments he leaves when placing an order online. The most memorable have been the "Most Interesting Man in the World"-influenced tributes to yours truly:

"Abbey is so great...She has won the lifetime achievement award, twice. If she were to mail a letter without postage, it would still get there. Mosquitos refuse to bite her purely out of respect. In museums, she is allowed to touch the art. When she drives a new car off the lot, it increases in value. She has counted to infinity, twice. Rome would've been built in a day if they followed her blueprints correctly. A bird in her hand is worth three in the bush. She once made a weeping willow laugh. She once taught a german shepherd to bark in Spanish. The contents of her taco refuse to fall out. And lastly, she can kill two stones with one bird!"

(Now that's how to get a customer experience pro on your side.)

This video follows Brandon as he prepared to open for Big Boi/Killer Mike here in Chicago back in May. Watch closely and you'll notice something familiar pinned to his jacket during the interview segments.

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