Busy Beaver Guide To Essential Event Merch

Mar 26th 2024

Busy Beaver Guide To Essential Event Merch

Events are a great way to showcase your products and services and create an authentic connection with your customers, fans, and community. Whether it's a conference, fundraiser, or community event, the right merchandise can make a big impact on your guests and help you engage with your supporters even after it's over.

Check out our event must-haves:

  • Buttons as Name Tags

Custom buttons are more cost-effective than lanyards and more polished than name tags, they’re customizable, you can write on them, and here’s a fun thing - you can use them as icebreakers! They also serve as a keepsake of the event for attendees.

  • QR Stickers

When you think about merch, you think about things folks can take away, but we live in a digital world and QR codes can help connect your community online too. Use them to share links to your event, connect IRL guests with digital agendas, and more! Check out our How To Guide to QR Code Stickers for more information! 

  • Event Handouts

Offering free giveaways like buttons or stickers will help your attendees continue to spread your message and increase the visibility of your organization and mission. These shareables become conversation pieces long after the event, allowing your fans to grow your reach!

  • Limited Edition Retail

Incorporating retail merchandise into events adds an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity. Whether it's a limited edition event-themed button pack or collectible items like enamel pins, retail offerings let attendees take home a piece of the experience. Exclusive items attendees can only purchase at the venue give them that “you had to be there” bragging right. IYKYK.

  • Thank Donors

Fundraisers and Galas often rely on the support of donors and sponsors. Offering exclusive merch as a donation incentive can show your gratitude for their support. Personalized thank-you gifts like enamel pins let them share your mission and help them show off their involvement. This strengthens relationships with donors and sponsors, fostering long-term partnerships and support for future events.

  • Activities

Engage your attendees with activation activities and DIY merch stations!

Did you know Busy Beaver Button Co. has button-making equipment for rent, buttoneering services, and even a gumball-style Button-O-Matic vending machine? Check out more event activation inspo here

Thoughtful merchandise like buttons, stickers, magnets and more, show your attendees you care and give them something to hold onto and share later! These small touches make a big impact and spread joy at any event.

Ready to find new and exciting ways to connect with guests at your next event?

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