Creative Ways to Use Magnets

Jan 16th 2024

Creative Ways to Use Magnets

Magnets are a great way to elevate any magnetic surface. They’re a functional product that can be used in an unlimited amount of ways. We’ve collected a few of our favorite creative ideas from some of our customers and have also brainstormed some more just for you!


Our biggest magnet customers would have to be retail! And we love helping our friends stock their shops with these little pieces of art. They’re a great medium for artists to display their work and who can’t use another magnet? Magnets are also perfect for gift shops, a small souvenir that can help memorialize a vacation. Fridge magnets are commonly collected and are perfect for museums, attractions, or exhibits, the perfect token for someone to take home with them and look back at fondly. We print your artwork just like with our buttons and stickers, anything you send us can also be your very own custom magnet design!

Promote a Publication

Our friends at the University of Chicago have made many magnets with us for their published academic journals! The rectangle shape can easily look like a small book! We loved how creative this was! Our 2x3 rectangle is also our most popular size by far. Have some fun with the different shapes we offer, we have circles, squares, rectangles and ovals – all at your disposal. You can get more inspo in this department here and here.

Business Card

Keep your contact information top of mind - every time someone opens a fridge or filing cabinet!

When they need you, they’ll know right where to look. It’s also a great reminder of the variety of things you offer.

School Spirit

Magnets are a great way to fundraise money. Maybe it’s for the PTA or the Cross Country team needs new uniforms– regardless, they’re easy to distribute and something you could charge a little bit more for to help raise the funds needed. They can easily be personalized for specific sports or clubs. They easily stick to filing cabinets so parents or teachers can easily decorate their space with some school spirit.

Locker Decor

Was there anything more exciting than the moment you get your very own locker? I don’t think so! Being able to decorate it in any way you liked, including photos and cut outs from magazines was a level of euphoria that’s difficult to fully encapsulate. Our fridge magnets are sturdy and will happily help add some pizazz and they’re a great way to show off your personality and maybe even be funny!

Dishwashers (not just for refrigerators!)

This idea might seem a bit odd, but this is something we all actually use here at The Dam! We have a set of magnets that stick to the dishwasher in our kitchen that signify “clean”, “dirty”, or “running”. Since we’re in a space that a lot of people utilize, it’s the easiest way to keep everybody on the same page! One set of these will last a lifetime and if you add your organization name, you’ll be remembered multiple times a week!

Save the Date

Magnets can act as great reminders! Since they can easily stick to your fridge, you’ll see it daily so you won’t miss it! It can work for a variety of different events: weddings, galas, or fundraisers. All of the information is self-contained and sticks to surfaces, it likely won’t be overlooked like a paper flier might. Also, they are easy to send in the mail. Hot tip: the smaller magnets (i.e. anything 2” and smaller, requires just a regular postage stamp to ship!)


Whatever you might be graduating from, it is always worth celebrating and remembering! There isn’t a grandparent out there that wouldn’t want to display their beloved grandchild in a cap and gown. Custom magnets would be appreciated by teachers, friends, or family. This is a great opportunity to use those special Senior photos and a way to commemorate this momentous occasion. A fridge magnet is something someone will want to hold onto for a long time.

The options are truly endless and we love seeing how our customers use our products and we’re constantly inspired by them! Magnets are meaningful and functional - they can hold up a beloved recipe on your fridge or a picture of someone or something you love. They’re completely custom, and completely yours. Let us help you decorate these spaces today! Reach out and tell us about your project, we can’t wait to help make it a reality!

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