Citizen Brick Buttons Up

Aug 14th 2013

Citizen Brick Buttons Up

Citizen Brick, the folks behind the unofficial Breaking Bad Lego set, recently placed an order for some 1-inch buttons using our special finishes:Citizen Brick buttons using our glow-in-the-dark, cosmic, and 24k gold finishes. Crystal blue buttons are still in development, but they'll definitely be the bomb

Breaking Bad Lego Set

Joe Trupia, owner of Citizen Brick, said of the 24k gold buttons, "During the summer I travel to Lego fan conventions and sell direct to our customers. Usually, we hand out 1-inch pins with our logo in black and white, but I wanted to make a small batch in gold for our premium customers. Kind of like a VIP badge to identify our top collectors. People who get them will have access to exclusive merchandise. And they look cool."

Citizen Brick button set

Almost as cool as Citizen Brick's recently released "Superlab Playset":

Thinking about making your own fancy buttons? Make your own buttons today!

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