Custom Glow In The Dark Stickers

Create your own glow in the dark stickers.

With this fun and interactive effect, your glow in the dark custom stickers will have the same eye catching power at night as they do during the day. Watch eyes light up when you say “and it glows, too!” as you pass out your stickers. Everyone who encounters the glow finish is delighted by the experience.

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Glow in the Dark Stickers

Long-Lasting Glow

These custom glow in the dark decals pack some serious glow power. We’re talking bright bright! The more you “charge” your stickers in light, the brighter your custom sticker will glow. A fully charged sticker will glow for approximately 1 hour.

High Quality Silkscreen

High Quality Silk Screen Printing

Your stickers will be printed on glow in the dark vinyl using a high quality, silk screen technique. So your stickers will look great and be made of long-lasting and durable glow in the dark material. And since they are silk screened, you can choose from multiple standard colors or provide a PMS color for us to match.

Glow in the Dark Stickers

Custom Sizes

We can create glow in the dark stickers to meet your exact specifications. Choose a standard square or round shape or create a custom shape of your own.

Highly Skilled Employees

Free Digital Proofing

Want to see what your stickers will look like before you order? Not a problem. We can create a free digital proof for you upon request. Nothing will go into production until we get your approval.

Looking for glow in the dark star stickers? You can create your own!

When you make your own stickers, you can go beyond the typical star shape. Planets, comets, the galaxy— you can create a sticker in any shape or size. Just request a quote and we will help you create your own glow in the dark universe.

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