Custom Sparkle Stickers

Are you looking for a little extra sparkle to make your stickers stand out? Custom hologram stickers are Busy Beaver Button Co.’s solution for you!

This engaging special finish adds a little extra magic to your artwork. You can jazz up any design with a little bit of sparkle! Custom sparkle stickers have the unique ability of making an already bold design stand out even more.

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Sparkle Stickers

Super Sparkly Stickers

The way these custom sparkle stickers reflect light brings an energetic, diamond shine-like movement to your design. These are the type of stickers to keep and treasure— the kind you find the perfect place to stick so everyone will be able to admire them. The bright movement of your custom glitter stickers will catch the eye of everyone they encounter. Your hologram stickers will make a lasting impression on each person who sees them.

Highly Skilled Employees

Work With Our Design Experts

If you’re new to the hologram stickers custom printing process, we’re happy to guide your through the ordering process. We’re no strangers to these special finishes; in fact they are our specialty! That means we can make the sticker production process easy and fun by walking you through it step-by-step. Do you want to try out our custom hologram printing but don’t have any artwork? Don’t worry we can still help you out with that, too! Our design services department will collaborate with you to create custom artwork according to your needs. We’ll work with you to build a bold design that really maximizes the full potential of these sparkly stickers.

High Quality Silkscreen

High Quality Silk Screen Printing

All of our hologram stickers are printed using a high quality, silk screen technique. You’re stickers will also be made of a long-lasting, durable vinyl material. And since these stickers are silk screened, you can provide a PMS color for us to match or choose from a set of standard colors.

Highly Skilled Employees

Free Digital Proofing

Want to see what your stickers will look like before you order? We can help! Free digital proofs are available upon request. This way you have the chance to double check your artwork and give us your A-OK before production begins.


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