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Glitter Stickers Custom Made By The Experts At Busy Beaver

Choosing this glitter effect for your custom stickers will instantly make them stand out. When interacting with light, the material has a unique ability to draw eyes directly to itself. These are some super sparkly stickers!

You can expect high quality merchandise when you order sparkle stickers at Busy Beaver. Our friendly and passionate team of experts are here for you during each step of the process. Getting glitter stickers custom made is fun and easy when you work with the Beavers!

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custom glitter stickers

"SPARKLING" 5-Star Service & Fast Turnaround For Custom Stickers

”I absolutely love the work that Busy Beaver Buttons was able to help me with! The custom die cut stickers I designed turned out perfect and added something very special to a birthday. BBB was professional, quick, and hospitable! I'll use them again in the future!” — Georgie C., Great experience! Nice People


”My school has used Busy Beaver twice for a sticker order and both times I have been extremely pleased with their customer service and work quality. They are responsive, helpful, and efficient. I will continue to use Busy Beaver myself and highly recommend them to others."— Josef N., excellent company


”The stickers are fantastic! I had them made as merch to sell as part of my tours. The quality is excellent and the turnaround time was very fast, just a few days for 1000 stickers. I picked up locally and the process was easy.“ — William Q., Great stickers for my merch!

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Make Your Custom Sparkle Stickers Shine Bright!

These custom glow in the dark decals pack some serious glow power. We’re talking bright bright! The more you “charge” your stickers in light, the brighter your custom sticker will glow. A fully charged sticker will glow for approximately 1 hour.

You’ll definitely notice the powerful effect as soon as you put your stickers into action. Your glow stickers are definitely going to be turning heads!

Is your design ready to glow? Learn how to take advantage of this special finish by following our glow in the dark sticker tips.

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Working on Custom Glitter Stickers? This Might Help:

Kiss Cut Stickers

To Kiss Cut Or Not Kiss Cut
Glitter stickers are available with a preset "kiss cut" upon request! This free option includes a 1/8 of an inch border around the cut line for extra Peeling Power. Check out how our kiss cut stickers work to see if this is right for your sticker.

  How to make die lines

How To Make Die Lines
For die cut sparkle stickers, our in-house design team will create a custom cut line or "die line" around the shape as part of the process. If you want to set your file up yourself, we put together a guide you can follow: How to Make Die Lines in Illustrator.

  Custom Sticker Packs

Pack Up Your Custom Stickers
How do you present your custom sparkle stickers once your order them? The answer is packaging! The card included is a great opportunity to share more information about your sticker set or organization. Check out our options for custom sticker packs to see which one is best for you.

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Do you have a project in mind that custom sparkle stickers would be perfect for? Let the Beavers help you take full advantage of the glitter effect!

Tell us what you are looking for in your sparkly stickers and we will get you started.